2 Tons JK Variable Speed AC Winch for Slae

Ellsen ac winch for sale

Winch also has another name called windlass, characterized by ac winches, hydraulic winches, hand winches in accordance with the different winch power control system. Here in Ellsen, apart from the traditional winches we can customize them for you, the ac powered winch is also one of a typical Ellsen best winch on sale. The ac electric winch is different from the dc winch which electric motor is powered by single phase electricity less than the 220 voltage. However, the ac winch motor is driven by the 3 phase alternating current, whose working performance is higher than the traditional DC winch motor system.

JK Ligh Duty Fast Speed AC Winch for Sale
JK Ligh Duty Fast Speed AC Winch for Sale

AC Winch VS DC Winch

There are many varieties between ac winches and winches in their working performance, winch structure, working conditions, capacities, etc. First of all, the two types of electric winches are different from their rated voltages. DC winch is usually designed at rated voltages, such as the 120V electric winch, the 110 v electric winch, and the 24 v electric winch. However, the AC powered winch’s rated voltage is usually above 220v. In Ellsen, you can order the 220v electric winches, 230 v electric winches, 240v electric winches until to the 690 v winches. Whatever voltages of winch ac do you need, we can customize them for you. Second, the working performance of the two types of power winches varies one to another. The AC powered winch working performance is higher than the dc powered winch, which can undertake severer working conditions, higher loading than the traditional winches.

Ellsen JK AC Winch for Sale
Ellsen JK AC Winch for Sale

Types of ac winches on sale in Ellsen

Since the company has made a long commitment to the winch industry, we can always manufacturer the winches that best match to our customers’ tastes or demands. The electric winch motor we provide to our customers is Siemens Brand, which we have forged long cooperation relationship. Here in Ellsen, you can shop winches ac series such as the small AC electric winch, Electric winch with wireless remote, etc.

JK 5 Tons Winch ac with Variable Speed Controller for Sale
JK 5 Tons Winch ac with Variable Speed Controller for Sale

Types of Brand New AC Winch On Sale from Ellsen Winch Factory

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Since the winches products are the best customizes products, hope our customers select your specific winch products through our official website, or if you have difficulties in selecting one perfect winch that matches to your working condition, you can leave your confusions to our e-mail, then our professional will give your best answer you need and recommend to you the best-matched winches for you, the specific prices of the AC powered winch will MAIL TO YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO YOU ONCE WE RECEIVE YOUR INFORMATION.

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