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The relationship between winch lubrication and the working life of winches

Improve working conditions of hoist gear tension and poor, high speed and heavy load are directly caused by the failure of the gear surface damage, and through proper lubrication materials and lubrication, to ensure the winch gear get sound lubrication, protect the gear, and prolong the service life of the winch.
For the winch, the correct and timely lubrication is very important, because the relatively sliding surface, under the action of pressure, if it is in dry friction state, it will be damaged in a short time.Good lubrication can absorb the impact and vibration produced by winch gear transmission, reduce the noise of gear, prevent scuffing tooth surface, reduce the wear of tooth surface, and improve the bearing capacity of the tooth surface.However, in the winch users, many do not understand the important role of winch lubrication and winch users have not paid enough attention to the hoist windlasses lubrication, and they always use winch lubrication oil casually, which does not meet the user requirements.In the field of handling the winch fault, there are many faults caused by poor lubrication.

20 ton winch for sale
20 ton winch for sale

Cautions for Temporary Installation of Windlass Manufactured by Ellsen Winch Factory

  • The installation of the windlass in the construction is mostly temporary installation, using the reserved holes on the machine frame or fixing the anchor on the ground anchor with the wire rope coiling machine frame.The rear part of the winch machine is equipped with pressing iron to ensure that the hoist does not slide, displacement and overturn during the operation.
  • The wire rope head should be drawn from the lower part, the center of the drum should be perpendicular to the centerline of the first guiding pulley, the first guiding pulley is not allowed to use the open pulley, the pulley is anchored by the ground anchor, and it is not allowed to be attached to the vertical transport rack.
  • The pulley should be kept at least 8~12 meters away from the windlass, and more than 3 tons of hoist should be more than 15 meters.The wire rope winding to both ends of the drum, its inclination is not more than 1.5 degrees to 2 degrees.
  • In order to ensure the safety of lifting heavy objects in the low position, the wire rope winch should not reel all off, in addition to the number of the fixed ring pressure plate, the winch should also have a 3 ring safety ring at least.
  • The installation of windlass should select a place with the high terrain, good view, and strong foundation. Installation Winch Outdoor should be rainproof and take anti smashing measures.The general method is the erection of a simple shed, a shed, should ensure that the winch machine operator can see the hand, fall, and place hanging objects.
  • The electric control system of Ellsen winch should be located beside the driver. Ensure the winch system set reliable and effective, to prevent electric shock.
  • The driver of the winch should be trained, qualified, certificated and appointed.The operation should be carried out before the test, to check the brake device is sensitive and reliable, connection fasteners are loosening, working conditions and safety device meets the requirements, after confirmation of quasi-driving.
  • The winch is strictly prohibited to overload operation, and the winch steel rope is not allowed to mop the floor when running.Through the channel, safety systems should be added to protect the device, not on the car, pressure, prohibited personnel across the wire rope running.
Ellsen Single Drum Piling Winch for Sale
Ellsen Single Drum Piling Winch for Sale

Some points in the use of Ellsen windlass

The new installation or after the dismantling of the installation of the windlass, the first should be empty test run times.If the installation has not completed, please not pass the test turn;
The winch motor should have a separate operation switch and add overload and moment protection device, metal shell should be reliable grounding, in order to ensure safety;
In the operation of the Ellsen winch, if there is abnormal sound, brake failure, reducer bearing temperature rise is too high, should stop inspection, troubleshooting;
Please use Ellsen WIndlass in safe environments with its rated loads.

Ellsen Wharf Piling Winch for Sale
Ellsen Wharf Piling Winch for Sale

The winch installation and maintenance shall meet standard requirements. The checking items include: electric wire rope hoist must have flexible and reliable limit device; Ellsen hoist load test is based on the rated load weight, repeated lifting and moving around the test to check the mechanical transmission normal and reliable.
When operation, the winch machine operator should concentrate, see the signal clearly, and obey the command.Absence is not permitted when the operator is operating the winch.When lifting heavy objects, the winch operation should be gentle and steady, prevent rapidly rising or falling, avoiding emergency braking as far as possible.
Although the structure and operation of the winch equipment are not complicated, if it can not be seriously repaired and repaired, it will frequently fail and shorten the service life.Therefore, in addition to daily maintenance, the winch machine should be disassembled every year when the machine is idle or useless, and each part will be treated separately according to the 3 types of scrap, repair, and availability.Don’t cause big problems because of winch small parts.

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