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15 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winch Shipped To The Philippines

The 15 ton hydraulic mooring winch for Philippines was on the way. The winch is driven by hydraulic pump station, and it is equipped with hydraulic motor and hydraulic valve. The customer will use it for berthing his boat. This winch will reach its destination on time.

Aicrane hydraulic winch for sale
Hydraulic Mooring Winch For Philippines

FAQs About 15 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winch Philippines

Why The Customer Choose The Winch?

The customer told us he needed a winch with hydraulic power. Our engineer advised him to buy the 15 ton hydraulic winch according to the customer’s working condition and the size of his boat.

How About The Package & Delivery Of Mooring Winch For The Philippines?

The whole winch and hydraulic pump station are packed in plastic film, which is waterproof.  When it comes to delivery, Aicrane has shipping & documents team to book the container and prepare and confirm customs clearance documents.

Winch Package & Delivery
Winch Package & Delivery

Why Did The Customer Choose Aicrane?

The customer heard Aicrane from our regular customer in the Philippines, and the customer told him that Aicrane could provide cost-effective winch and great service. Therefore, the customer sent an inquiry to Aicrane. After Aicrane engineers provided him with suitable winch solutions and quotation, the customer placed an order from Aicrane quickly.

Was The Customer From The Philippines Satisfied With Aicrane Service?

  • Installation Service: During early communication, we told the customer that Aicrane could supply installation service. We have service center in the Philippines, which can dispatch engineers to the installation site quickly. The customer finally chose the free installation guidance online service because his team had installation experience.
  • Customer Management: In addition, Aicrane has customer management team. In the production process, they regularly updated production pictures and videos for customers. They also shared foundation drawing and electric drawing, and sent clearance documents for customers. Our customer said that he was satisfied with Aicrane service.

Winch Price In Philippines

  • The price of Aicrane winch in Philippines is competitive. Aicrane has own factory and skilled purchase team, which can provide factory price and purchase raw materials in bulk to ensure quality and competitive raw material prices.
  • Generally, the price of winch is affected by many factors, including the rated loads of the winch, the drum capacity of the winch, and transportation cost, etc. We will offer prompt and accurate quotation after having deep communication with our customers from the Philippines.

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After years of development, Aicrane is becoming the popular winch manufacturer in the Philippines, and our winches has gained recognition by so many customers. We can guarantee that Aicrane winch for sale in Philippines is with high quality and great performance. Welcome to contact us for an ideal winch.

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