20 ton winch

20 ton winch are supplied in our company with the best price and reliable quality. The winches in our group own advanced technology all over the world. Winches in 20 ton can meet the needs of business which require drag or hoist the loads about 20 ton. 20 ton winch from us are made with high quality components which come from the famous suppliers. Because of the large scale of our group, the large lot production often be adopted. As a result, the price of winch is reasonable.

2o ton winches are widely used in the various kinds of lifting equipment occasions. According to the power, winches can be divided into hydraulic winch, electric winch, air winch. According to the working speed, high speed winch and low speed winch can be supplied. In the meanwhile, the winches should be designed according to the different working occasions. The machine is tested in the factory including the carry out cleaning inspection, pressure test and sealing test, functional test and so on. All in all, the safety of the machine must be ensured when using the winches.

20 ton winch in double drum
Double Drum 20 Ton Winch

Excellent double drum 20 ton winch:

  • Loading capacity: 1t~30 t;
  • Wire rope capacity: 20~5000 m;
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min;
  • Power supply: 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase

20 Ton Winch in Single Drum
Single Drum 20 Ton Winch

Excellent single drum 20 ton winch:

  • Loading capacity: 30 t;
  • Wire rope capacity: 20~3600 m;
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase;

Other than 20 ton winch, our group also provides the 1 ton winch, 2 ton winch, 5 ton winch, 10 ton winch, etc. No matter what kinds of winches you need, we are sure that you can get a proper solution from us. If you are interested in our winches, please keep in contact with us with no hesitation. You will get a reply as soon as possible.

Advantages and Features of 20 Ton Winch for Sale

  • High quality. 20 ton winch produced by our group has reliable quality. The quality of our machine has reached the national advanced standard.
  • Advanced technology. A number of high tech talents works in our group who make great contributions in the innovation of new technology. With the hard work of talents, winches in our group has the world advanced technology.
  • Environmental friendly. Our machine are environmental friendly because the noise is too low to here. The quite environment can supply a good environment to workers.
  • Safe practical. 20 ton winches and other winches are safe and practical. The service time of the machine are pretty long if it is operated properly. The machine also should be maintained regularly.
  • Cost effective. It is cost effective because of the high working efficiency and long service time. The usage of the winch will create lots of profile to your business.
  • Perfect service. Customers can get the excellent service if they are likely to know more information about our products.
20 ton winches are provided in our group.
Reliable 20 Ton Winch For Sale

Different Specifications of 20 Ton Winch

20 ton electric winch

20 ton electric winch features stable performance which is electric power. The electric winches are cost effective and high efficiency. The electric power are stable and constant. When the winch works, the noise is very low so that the working environment is comfortable. 20 ton electric winch are applied in various kinds of occasions such as the construction sites, harbor and maintenance site, etc.

There are high speed winch and low speed winch providing by our group. According to the actual needs of your business, customers can choose the suitable winches for their business. In order to provide customers withe the practical winch machines, our group will give you the best quotation.

20 ton electric winches are supplied here,
20 Ton Electric Winch For Sale

20 ton hydraulic winch

20 ton hydraulic winch are provided with the best price and reliable quality. The components of the hydraulic winch are complex. A hydraulic winch always consists of a hydraulic motor, a control valve group, a gear box, a drum, a support, a clutch, a rope press or a rope arrangement, and a combination of the mounting bracket. All of the components have high quality and advanced technology which are cost effective. Customers think highly of our hydraulic winch and they often make orders once again because they believe the quality of our machine.

20 ton hydraulic winch are supplied here.
20 Ton Hydraulic Winch For Sale

Reasons of Choosing 20 Ton Winch from Us

20 ton winch for sale are popular in the market. You can choose a proper one according to your actual needs. Winches are designed in different speeds and sizes. No matter what sizes of speeds you need, please keep in touch with us with no hesitation. Our professional workers will provide you with the most proper solutions according to your requirements.

Hydraulic winches are used in many occasions because it is practical and powerful. The winches in our company are popular in the marine engineering, construction, water conservancy projects, minging and other material lifting occasions. According to the using methods, the hydraulic winches can be divided into manual winches, automatic winches, semi-automatic winches. Customers can select a proper winches according to your actual needs. 20 ton hydraulic winch for sale are prepared for you here.

 20 ton winches for sale
20 Ton Winches

Tips Needing to Know on Operating 20 Ton Winch

There are a lot of tips you should know when operating the winces. It is impossible to describe all of the matters you should know. You can get the detailed information from us if you keep in touch with us.

  • First of all, the best way to get acquainted with your winch operates is to make test runs before you actually use it. Please plan your test in advance and gain confidence in operating your winch.
  • Secondly, please put a blanket, jacket or tarpaulin over the cable about six feet behind the hook when you pull a load where there is a remote chance of cable failure. This is an important measure to prevent serious injury in case of the snap back of a broken cable.
  • Thirdly, please check the pressure relief plug in top of the gear housing. It is necessary to make sure the good operating condition of the whole machine.
  • Fourthly, please lubricate cable with light oil once a week. The cable must e checked regularly because it is easy to damage. If the cable has become frayed with broken stands, please replace it immediately in order to keep the safe work of the of the whole process.
  • Lastly, please inspect frame and surrounding structure for cracks or deformation every year. The annual inspection will ensure the safety of the working process.

In the end, please contact us if you want to get the best quotation. All of the skilled workers are waiting for you. Welcome to contact us!

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