A Electric Mooring Winch & 45T Towing Winch Delivered To Malaysia

Aicrane delivered an electric mooring winch, a 45 ton towing winch and a 3 ton capstan to Malaysia. The customer has received these machines and gives kindly feedback. These winches are used on shores and decks to make marine operations. If you want to know more about winch Malaysia, please continue to read this post.

45 Ton Towing Winch Malaysia

Capstan & Towing Winch & Anchor Winch

Package & Delivery Of Winch Malaysia

The capstan, electric mooring winch and hydraulic pump station are packed in waterproof cloth. In addition, we adopt wooden box to pack other small parts and electric devices. Our company can provide package in accordance with customers’ requirements. About delivery, these machines are all checked carefully before shipment. We delivered these winches to Malaysia on time.

Package Of Capstan And Hydraulic Pump Station

Delivery Of Winch Malaysia

Electric Winch Malaysia & Hydraulic Winch Malaysia

The electric anchor winch to Malaysia is with easy and safe operation. It is powered by an electric motor and designed for anchoring boats. 45 ton hydraulic towing winch runs by hydraulic pump station and hydraulic motor. This towing winch is fit to tug boats.

Aicrane shipped so many electric winches and hydraulic winches to Malaysia. Electric winch Malaysia and hydraulic winch Malaysia from Aicrane group are both with high quality and good performance.

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