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Aicrane Delivered Four 15 Ton Hydraulic Winches To Vietnam

Aicrane has delivered four 15 ton hydraulic winches to Vietnam. These winched are used to moor boats on the shore in Vietnam, which has helped our customer work more efficiently. If you want to know more information about these winches, welcome to keep on reading the following contents.

15 Ton Hydraulic Winch Delivered To Vietnam
15 Ton Hydraulic Winch To Vietnam

Hydraulic Pump Station For Sale
Hydraulic Pump Station

FAQs On 15 Ton Hydraulic Winches To Vietnam

How Did The Customer Find Aicrane?

Aicrane has exported so many winches to Vietnam, and our brand is becoming more and more popular. This customer knew that Aicrane could provide reliable winches and after-sales service support from one of our cooperated customers. After that, he sent an inquiry to us, and our sales manager contacted with him immediately.

What Are The Features Of The Hydraulic Winch?

  • The hydraulic winch is applied for marine environments. 
  • The rated load of this hydraulic winch is 15 ton.
  • It is powered by hydraulic pump station.
  • This machine is with great performance and long service life.
  • There are close control and remote control for choices. 
  • It is manufactured by advanced technology. 

Hydraulic Winch To Vietnam
Hydraulic Winch For Sale

Hydraulic Winches To Vietnam
Hydraulic Winches To Vietnam

How About The Delivery Of These Hydraulic Winches?

These four 15 ton hydraulic winches have arrived in Vietnam. The transportation process was smooth and fast under the efforts of our professional shipping department. Aicrane has rich export experience. Therefore, the export products always reach their destination on time.

Winch Lifting
Winch Lifting

Delivery Of Winch
Delivery Of Winch

hydraulic pump station
Delivery Of Hydraulic Pump Station

What Winch Solutions Aicrane Has Provided For The Customer?

At the beginning, this customer told us that he needed several winches for mooring his boats. During communication, we knew that these winches should be used on the shore, and our engineers asked the sizes of his boats. Finally, our engineers recommended 15 ton hydraulic winch for the customer. Please put in touch with us if you also need a winch, and then Aicrane engineers can help you choose an ideal machine.

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