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Capstan Winch Models

Common types of winch in coal mine

Right here in this  winch factory blog post, we provide you some capstan winch models for your reference. You can select your perfect ideal winch and capstan models.The main types of winches commonly used in coal mines are;

  • Hoisting winch for lifting coal, gangue, and other materials or handling equipment in downhole inclined laneway and vertical shaft;
  • For dispatching winch auxiliary lifting in horizontal or inclined roadway used to dispatch vehicles or;
  • In the face of the coal used to winch dismantling and recycling equipment or pillar working face;
  • In the horizontal or inclined roadway used to transport materials stepless rope winch etc..
AQ-JM Hydraulic Windlasses for Sale
AQ-JM Hydraulic Windlasses for Sale

Winch classification (winch power, winch use)

According to the difference of the raw power of the winch, there are six main types:

The electric winch is the most common winch. Depending on the power system of the vehicle, the winch can be driven. The advantage is that it can basically operate normally under the condition of vehicle dead fire, which is incomparable to other winches, especially for many areas with water. It is simple to install, and it can achieve multi-position installation and rapid displacement.Disadvantages: cannot sustain a long time of use (vehicle power system limitations, its easy to heat and other reasons), most electric winch can provide the driving force is small, can only exert force in one direction (installed in the car can only be pulled forward, installed in the rear can pull back).

Ellsen marine capstan winch for sale
marine capstan winch for sale

PTO winch, use transfer case output power as the power source (POWER TAKE OFF), can continue to provide advantages: large tension, single-use long time (there is no heating problem, can provide the direction of force) (before and after, or around), is a serious military vehicle or high performance off-road best choice.Disadvantages: must use the engine power in the engine cannot be used due to water and other reasons cannot work; transfer case lost winch direction driving force cannot be used.

The oil pressure winch, using the power and power steering system of the vehicle as its power source, use the power steering pump to provide the source power.Advantages: easy installation, because its external fixed parts basically achieve universal, even in the field can be exchanged, driving force between the electric and PTO capstan, the chance of high temperature is extremely rare.Disadvantages: like the PTO winch, engine driving must be used, that is, the engine must be kept rotating, and once the power steering system fails, it can not be used. (in some off-road situations, the power steering system is easy to be damaged by the outside).

Single Drum Winch for Sale
Single Drum Winch for Sale

The wheel winch is a new kind of winch system, that is, the wheel shaft provides the driving force.The principle is to use 4 of the 6 fixed screws of most cross-country wheels to fix the winch. Advantages: installation/disassembly is extremely simple (and change the tire is a step), lightweight (all lighter than any other kind of winch will not be suspended before bringing extra weight to death), the price is cheap, can provide double direction tension.Shortcomings: because the power point is the wheel shaft, so the position is too low, which can not be used in some conditions, and the engine power must also be used.

china hand winch for sale
china hand winch for sale
  • Manual winch, with the longitudinal or circumferential movement of the hand as the driving force of the winch, due to human power restriction, a usually manual winch is not strong pulling force.
  • The pneumatic winch is the same design and working principle as the hydraulic winch, but the power is changed from the compressed liquid to the compressed gas.
  • According to the different uses of winches, it can be divided into ATV winches, cross winches, truck winches, industrial winches and so on. According to the characteristics of some industries, there are also waterproof winches, explosion-proof capstan, and other classifications.

Would like to know more information about capstan winch modules or if you are not sure what kind of winch are suitable for your business, welcome contact us.