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5 ton electric winch in Lebanon

5 Ton AQ-JM Electric Winch Operation In Lebanon

Two AQ-JM 5 ton electric winches produced by us have been put on operation in Lebanon. They belong to a construction and are used for container loading in steel factory. The electric winch is powered by an electric motor, and it works well during operation process. Besides, AQ-JM winch always pull or lift loads with …

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Capstan & Towing Winch & Anchor Winch

A Electric Mooring Winch & 45T Towing Winch Delivered To Malaysia

Aicrane delivered an electric mooring winch, a 45 ton towing winch and a 3 ton capstan to Malaysia. The customer has received these machines and gives kindly feedback. These winches are used on shores and decks to make marine operations. If you want to know more about winch Malaysia, please continue to read this post. …

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20 ton winch in Pakistan

20 Ton Slow Speed Electric Winch Going To Pakistan

We have sold a 20 ton AQ-JM slow speed electric winch to Pakistan. It can work with slow speed and will be used in production workshop. AQ-JM winch is Aicrane hot-sale machine. This electric winch is driven by an electric motor, which has easy and safe operation. Now, the winch is going to Pakistan. Aicrane …

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15 Ton Winch Singapore

15T & 25T Electric Mooring Winch To Singapore

Singapore is our important market, and we have exported many winches with different types and tons to this country.  Winch Singapore produced by our company is popular with our customers. The costomers always give good feeback on our products. If you are planning to purchase a winch, please contact us. 15 Ton Electric Mooring Winch …

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10 Ton Electric Winch for sale

10 Ton Electric Winch To Hong Kong

A 10 ton electric double drum winch has been delivered to Hong Kong successfully. The winch is used to make marine operations. According to the specific requirements of our cutomer, the machine is designed as a variable speed winch by using a frequency converter. Variable speed winch is our custom products. If single speed winch …

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30 Ton Towing Winch

30T Towing Winch Nigeria

A 30 ton electric towing winch produced by our company has been exported to Nigeria. The winch is mainly designed for tugging boats, and the customer uses it on the deck. This electric winch is powered by a electric motor. Electric winch is our hot-sale product. Towing winch belongs to marine winch, our company can …

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5 Ton Electric Winch

5T Electric Anchor Winch To Maldives

A 5 ton electric anchor wire rope winch has been delivered to Maldives. The winch adopts wire rope to make anchor operations. Electric winch has various advantages like easy and safe operation, less maintenance, long service life, reasonable price. The customer from Maldives thinks highly of the winch because its high-quality and great performance. If …

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Variable Speed Electric Winch

3 Ton JK Winch Zimbabwe

A 3 ton JK variable speed electric winch has been succesffully delivered to Zimbabwe. The winch belongs to a light duty winch, and it realizes variable speed by using frequency converter. Electric winch is out hot-sale machine, which is popular with our clients because of its easy operation, less maintenance, long service life, and reasonable …

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5 Ton Winch Australia

5 Ton Winch To Australia

Recently our company has exported a 5 ton electric winch to Australia. 5 Ton winch is popular with customers in the market.  The machine has rope guide and overload device. The user can learn the pulling ability according to the tension display. If you have interest in the winch, please put in touch with us. …

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Variable Speed Electric Winch

2T Variable Speed Winch To Saudi

Recently, a 2 ton variable speed electric winch from our company has been delivered to Saudi Arabia. The winch belongs to an electric winch, and it works with the frequency converter. The winch machine is a specific electric winch which has variable speed. It has the advantages of easy installation, safe operation and less maintenance. …

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