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Electric Anchor Winch Philippines Was On The Way

Aicrane has delivered an electric anchor winch to Philippines. This winch to Philippine will be used on deck of the customer’s boat. It has 97mm anchor chain. The anchor winch will reach its destination on time. If you want to know more details about the winch, please keep on reading this post.

Anchor Winch Delivered To Philippines
Anchor Winch Delivered To Philippines

Various Features Of Electric Anchor Winch To Philippines

  • This winch is with a gypsy and 97mm anchor chain. 
  • It is suitable for making various anchor operations. 
  • Electric anchor winch is powered by electric motor.
  • Electric driven winch has easy and safe operation.
  • The winch to Philippines has high quality and great performance.
  • Customized service can be provided.

Electric Anchor Winch
Electric Anchor Winch

Anchor Chain Winch
Anchor Chain Winch

Winch For Sale In Philippines

  • Aicrane winch is popular in Philippines. Aicrane has exported so many winches to Philippines, such as 12 ton hydraulic waterfall winch to Philippines and 32 ton electric mooring winch to Philippines, etc. Our winch in Philippines has competitive price and good quality.
  • What’s more, Aicrane has built a service center in Philippines. The customer in Philippines can get better and faster service. Therefore, our winches have gained recognition from Philippines customers. If you come from Philippines, welcome to choose Aicrane as your manufacturer.

Why Did The Customer Select Aicrane?

This customer was introduced by our old client from Philippines, and he paid attention to the quality of winches. During communication, he said that he needed a winch for anchoring operations, and then our skilled staffs recommended him to choose the anchor chain winch. In the end, the client expressed he was satisfied with our service and winch solutions.

Philippines is our main market, and Aicrane wants to be a popular winch supplier in Philippines. If you have interest in this machine, welcome to contact us to get a free quote!

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