Cable winch for Sale

Electric Cable Winch for Sale

Among various types of electrical cable pulling equipment in the Marine industry, the electric cable winch is the most traditional and reliable one. This type of marine winch is one of a dedicated dragging facility wide-spread employed in onshore and offshore pulling maneuvers, cable dragging and realizing, and ship towing, etc. For customers who own ships lacking for the navigational function, combined with the electric cable winch can promote your sailing safety and efficiency. Such sort of electrical wire pulling tools is not limited to the marine ship use, it can be also applied to those bulk carriers, fishing boats, oil tankers, and barges. Ellsen electrical cable pulling winches have the following compact and unique features.

Ellsen Electric Winch for Sale
Ellsen Electric Winch for Sale

Attracting Features of Electric Cable Winch For Sale

  • High performance:  Devoted ourselves into winch technology innovation and development, and many times of trial and error, Ellsen electric cable winch with almost 60 years of histories has been recognized by our clients for its agility, top quality, safety and long service life.
  • Lightweight design: compared our counterparts, one of a perfect design of our electric cable pulling winch is its lightweight design. To this end, it can be widely applied in many industries such as the marine ship industries as well as in the construction industry.
  • Wide-spread application fields: It is mainly used as a drive engine for cable pulling and leasing, but also as a hoisting device for oil drilling. The electric hoist cable winch does valuable work with a grooved pulley or capstan ring fitted, either as a circular drive wheel for a material cableway or as a cable crane.
Electric cable pulling winch for sale
Electric cable pulling winch for sale

A Higher Performance of the Electric Cable Pulling Winch

Ellsen manufacturers dedicated electrical cable tools with a compact design for its each component. Its hefty drum diameter ensures a very long service life of the mainline. With just one control lever the speed, tractive force, and direction of rotation of the cable drum can be adjusted to the particular working conditions. Loads can thus be drawn, lifted, and transported. The Ellsen electric cable pulling winch is modular in construction, as are all Ellsen winches so that it can be adapted to the individual requirements of each customer.

Variable Speed electric cable hoist winch for sale
Variable Speed electric hoist cable winch for sale

Electric Cable Pulling Winch VS Hydraulic Cable Pulling Winch

AS to the cable pulling, there are three types in general characterized by power. One is the electric cable pulling winch, while the other one is the hydraulic cable pulling winch. Each type of cable winches has their own particular advantages. The former one is powered by an electric motor to drive the drum to pull or release the cable during the operations. The winch drum can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise at different speeds according to needs. With the rotation, the cable is pulled or released to implement different operations.

However, the latter one is powered by a hydraulic pump and it usually has a larger load capacity than an electrical winch. The stable power source of the hydraulic cable pulling winch which ensures the reliable and durable work without a stop in the process of the operations. Clients can select either electric cable winch or the hydraulic cable winches according to your own working conditions.

Ellsen electrical cable pulling equipment cable winch for sale
Ellsen electrical cable pulling equipment cable winch for sale

  Compared to Our Counterparts What Benefits Can You Get 

  • Excellent quality with factory price;
  • Hefty pull power and large rope capacity;
  • Safe braking and controlling systems;
  • Wide-spread applications;
  • Cutting-edge technologies can be maximum customized;
  • Modular and flexible design structure;
  • Quiet and smooth operation.
Ellsen Electric Winch for Sale
Ellsen Electric Winch for Sale

General Specifications of the Electric Cable Pulling Winch

Winch electric cable winch for Sale
Winch electric cable winch for Sale

  • Loading capacity: 1 ton – 100 ton
  • Drum capacity: 100m- 3000m
  • Speed: 5m/min – 20 m/min
  • Control mode: near control, remote control
  • Drive type: electric

Additional Customized Electric Cable Winches for Sale

Want to buy a customized electric cable winches, we would be very appreciated if you could provide the following basic information:

  • Maximum pulling capacity;
  • Where to use your customized cable winches;
  • Maximum rope length;
  • Cable diameter;
  • And the more the better

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