Winch Operation

Endless Rope Winch Safety Operation

Safety technical measures for the operation of endless rope winch

Endless rope winch is a kind of heavy duty winch for mines. Thus, the safety operation of the rope winch is very important for winch operators and other stuff working in the mine.

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Basic requirements

  • The winch driver must be trained and certificated after obtaining the certificate of examination.
  • The winch driver of endless rope continuous traction winch must be familiar with the relevant provisions of the equipment’s structure, performance, principle, main technical parameters, intact standards and so on. It should be checked generally and handled regularly.
  • The driver of a continuous winch for an endless rope must be familiar with the basic conditions of the roadway, such as the turnout, the length of the roadway, the number of the tractor, and so on.
  • The operator must have relevant mechanical and electrical maintenance work, supervise management and maintenance of equipment according to the provisions.
  • In strict accordance with the safety production information center to receive communication interphone, after the use of the good mouth information station in time to manage and charge.
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Pre-use preparation and inspection

  • Checking whether the starter and other electronic control equipment are normal,
  • Checking whether the transmitting and receiving of the communication signal is normal,
  • checking whether there are no objects that affect the operation of the vehicle on the track.
  • Checking whether the connections between the vehicles are reliable,
  • Checking the loading station of the winch
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Safety inspection of winch system

Before driving, the winch operator should examine throughout the normal circumstances, such as electrical wiring is correct, the switch has no defect, each connection bolts are tightened, the handbrake is in the brake release position and flexible and reliable, bearing and reducer in the lubricating oil is sufficient, the gear is in place, right, self-lock, in the case of normal check everywhere before the start of motor idling, check in electro-hydraulic brake winch of normal and abnormal sound before adding load.

  • The use of the handbrake must be in power of the motor rear brake during electrical motor is not allowed, so as not to damage the winch and motor parts.
  • Endless rope winch must change gear when it is stopped. It is strictly prohibited to shift gear in operation.
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Tensioning device

  • The tensioner should be firmly and stably installed on the cement foundation, and the upper part can be fixed and fastened with the ring chain and the top side to withstand the unexpected lateral force.
  • The direction of the guide wheel at both ends should be consistent with the direction of the wire rope.
  • In operation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the pulley and weight can move up and down freely, and there must be no stagnation.

Shuttle car

  • Two wedges must be checked for a fixed wire rope before each operation and should be fastened immediately if there is a loosening.
  • After the wire rope is taken and placed, the positioning pin should be inserted into the hole of the rope cylinder to prevent the rope from escaping in operation.

Safety precautions for winch use

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  • Pedestrians (except with the driver) are prohibited when the vehicle runs, with a sound and light warning, a warning network at both ends, and a strictly prohibited person from entering.The winch is not allowed to carry the personnel, and the hooked head is strictly prohibited.
  • The point of the endless rope winch is: a little parking, two positive running points, three reverse operations, and the winch is strictly prohibited.
  • The endless rope winch is only allowed to hang the vehicle after the shuttle bus, and the vehicle is strictly prohibited in front and rear of the shuttle car.The number of strung vehicles depends on the traction capacity of the winch, and no more than 3 vehicles are not allowed to Trailer each time.When transporting overweight, super high, super long equipment and large pieces, only one must be pulled at one time.With three ring chain, connected with the shuttle car insurance pin must all transport objects of the vehicle, the other end with a shackle, rope and wire rope clips are firmly connected with.
  • The car driver should always pay attention to the normal track in front of the vehicle in the course of the vehicle, and there is no matter that affects the running of the vehicle on the track.The signal transmitter should be carried with you.

   Operation procedures and precautions in the process of starting and running:

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After determining the driving condition with the driver, send the driving signal again, and send the signal no less than 2 times. After the winch driver receives the second signal, it starts the car again.The driver and the winch driver must memorize the use of the signal.In the course of operation, the driver should pay attention to the normal operation of the vehicle, and the winch driver should pay attention to the normal work of the endless rope winch and the Zhang Jin device.

  • When the windless winch is running, the driver should be equipped with two divulging mobile phones, a normal user and a spare.
  • No pole rope winch in operation, shuttle car in the upper, downhill yard, 30m in front of the tensioner, 30m in the vicinity of the tail wheel, and the tunnel turn.
  • The operator should regularly check the tightness of the wire rope and keep enough tension of the wire rope. If we need to tighten the rope, fix the wire rope and a rope head, and tighten the wire rope with 5 tons of gourd, we must tighten the wire rope on the shuttle car when the required tightening force is reached.
  • The brake device of the endless rope winch should be checked regularly to ensure its sensitivity, safety, and reliability, otherwise, it should be handled in time.
  • When the heavy vehicle falls off the road, the winch brake lock should be combined and stable first, and the road vehicle will be restricted reliably, and then the road vehicle is processed according to the regulations.
  • When the shuttle vehicle is reset, it is necessary to use the gourd to pull the same direction of the shuttle bus to prevent the retracting of the wire rope when the vehicle is on the road.
  • In order to prevent the vehicle in the middle of endless rope off the road, when necessary, in the special area to avoid wind chamber setting signal, operation condition and arrange personnel to monitor vehicles, find the problem promptly issued a stop signal.
  • Regularly inspect the wear condition of steel wire rope and find out the problem is dealt with or replaced in time. The wire rope head must be inserted. The length of inserting wire rope is not less than 1000 times of the diameter of wire rope.

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