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Heavy Duty Winch Operation Rules

Sixteen tons of binoculars steady operation rules

Right here in this post, Winch Factory provides you our professional winch operation experience on the heavy duty 16t winch operation rules.

Before driving, the operator should be proficient in operating the vehicle steadily and check the mechanical parts of the vehicle in steady condition and find out that the problems can be handled well in time.

In the steady operation of the vehicle, the operator is prohibited from leaving the car, prohibit talking to other people.

After the operation, the driver left, the operating handle should be required to return to the stop position.And check all the automatic devices are in place, confirm the correct before leaving.Otherwise, do not leave the car steady.

heavy duty boat trailer winch for sale
heavy duty boat trailer winch for sale

Method of operation

  • Close the switch and turn on the power.
  • Press the electric hydraulic actuator, release the safety brake, the main motor is ready to start, prohibit the electric hydraulic actuator before starting the motor.
  • Work brake lever handles to release the work break.
  • Operate the master controller and start the motor.
AQ-JM 20 ton Electric Heavy Duty Winch for Sale
AQ-JM 20 ton Electric Heavy Duty Winch for Sale

Ascending, the master controller will be moved to the first gear in the lifting direction. After the motor is started, the controller will continue to be moved to gradually accelerate the steady speed to normal speed. When it is stopped, the electric hydraulic pusher is opened and closed so that the safety valve is tightly clamped, While tightening work gate, pull off the switch power switch.

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heavy duty split drum winch for sale
  • Normal upgrade, the differential gearbox hand wheel in the straight position, to tune the rope, the differential gearbox hand wheel moved to the differential position, will not move the drum with a safety gate.The safety lock for the other cylinder is on and the cylinder is operating at twice the normal speed.
  • Prohibited in the differential gearbox hand wheel is in the direct position, and brake a drum drive.
  • Regular observation of the foundation and the situation of the ground screw, the problems reported promptly reported.
  • Prevent shackle leakage damage to electrical, steel wire rope regularly to prevent corrosion.

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