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Hydraulic Towing Winch

Hydraulic towing winch for sale has strong pulling ability and reliable structure. Hydraulic winch is the very popular winch machine in marine areas pr got pulling boat demands. Many hydraulic winch machine can be customized depending on the special customer’s requirements. Recently, the winch has made favorite product for tugging operators from all over the world.

Hydraulic Towing Winch for sale
Towing Hydraulic Winch

Learning hydraulic towing winch safety operation

The winch has many safety operation equipment in daily operation process. We adopt the safety automatic control system which has a compact structure and small indoor space. It is suitable for various lifting and towing machinery and equipment such as ships, ports and trolleys. The product has the characteristics of high school with low volume, compact structure and transmission system.

towing winch
Hydraulic towing winch for sale

Hydraulic towing winches for sale

Load capacity: 10 ton – 300 ton
Drum capacity: 200m- 1500m
Speed: 4.5m/min – 20 m/min
No. of drum: single or double
Certificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc

Hydraulic winch operation and applications

This machine is mainly used for construction, railways, highways, factories and mines, ports, bridges, installation for vertical lifting, horizontal and slope dragging heavy objects and other working conditions. The AQ-JK and AQ-JM series construction hoist is a kind of electric crane with small size. It has light weight and heavy lifting equipment operation. In addition, we can learn other advantages with flexible operation and safety operation.

Hydraulic towing winch for sale

Aimix group is the professional manufacturer and supplier in China. We have various types besides hydraulic towing winch such as electric winch, hydraulic anchor winch, marine hydraulic winch, gypsy winch, vessel winch, ship winch, etc. We have many products which can be equipped with high quality winch parts. You can choose the right types with simple operation model. If you are interested in our products, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

If you have time, please visit our own factory. We have professional design and production experience. If you have needs, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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