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Marine Capstan

Marine capstan is a small machine to be used for marine environments. Our range of marine capstans meet the demands for safe anchoring and mooring operations. In accordance with different power source, we have electric capstan and hydraulic capstan for sale. If the capstan is suitable for your working conditions, please keep on reading this page to know more details.

anchor capstan to UAE
Anchor Capstan To UAE

Anchor Capstan in UAE

Model: Anchor Capstan
  • Load capacity: 0.5 ton- 25ton
  • Rope dia: ø11mm – ø60mm
  • Working speed: ≥8m/min or customized
  • Driven type: electric
  • Structure: vertical

Production Application: This capstan is mounted on deck to raise or lower an anchor.

Marine Capstan To Different Countries

Aicrane has cooperated with plenty of customers all over the world. We have rich export experience, and we can help the customers choose suitable machines. Our capstan for sale has been recognized by our customers. If you plan to purchase a capstan marine, please contact us.

Two Anchor Capstans Delivered To UAE

We have delivered two anchor capstans to UAE. The customer found Aicrane by searching marine capstan on Google, and then sent us an inquiry. During communication, we knew that he needed two capstans for anchoring operations, and both of two capstans should be powered by electric motor. According to the customer’s requirement, we advised him to buy the electric anchor capstan. The following pictures can be your reference.

Anchor Capstan For Sale
Anchor Capstan For Sale

Marine Capstan TO UAE
Marine Capstan To UAE

5 Ton Mooring Capstan & Marine Winches Exported To UAE

A 5 ton electric mooring capstan and two mooring winches were exported to UAE. The capstan is with vertical design, and it is driven by electric motor. Aicrane can provide capstan together with various winches to meet customers’ different needs.

5 Ton Mooring Capstan For UAE
5 Ton Mooring Capstan For UAE

Vertical Mooring Capstan Solutions For American Customer

Aicrane provided six vertical mooring capstans for an American customer. These capstans are equipped with planetary reducer, and the customer uses them in the shipyard. They are installed on the shore to berth ships. The color of the capstan is yellow, which is customized.

Mooring Capstans For American Customer
Mooring Capstans For American Customer

Capstan For Sale
Capstan For Sale

Marine Capstan For Malaysia

We provided a capstan with an electric mooring winch and 45 ton towing winch for Malaysian customer. The customer has many boats of different sizes. The customer told us that he needed several machines to tug boats and berth ships. Therefore, we recommended these marine electric winch, marine hydraulic winch, and capstan to the customer.

Package Of Capstan And Hydraulic Pump Station
Mooring Capstan Package

Capstan & Towing Winch & Anchor Winch
Delivery Of Capstan And Winches

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Wide Applications Of Marine Capstan

  • Shipyard: The marine capstan can be used for shipyards to berth or anchor various ships. Generally, there are kinds of ships and boats in shipyards, and the capstan marine is suitable for relatively light ships. It can be installed on shores for moving ships. Besides, the shipyards also need some marine winches, Aicrane are willing to provide marine electric winch or marine hydraulic winch for customers.
  • Offshore: You can also use mooring capstan or anchor capstan on decks of your ships to make different operations. When the machine is applied to the decks, there are two main installation ways for your reference – deck-mounted and thru-the deck way, which is determined by the structure of the capstan.

Aicrane Marine Capstan Solutions

Aicrane can design the capstan marine with different colors, tons, functions, and structures. We have customized service to produce the appropriate machine for customers. Generally, capstan can be classified in the following three ways.

For Various Functions

  • Mooring Capstan: According to different functions, marine capstan can be divided into mooring capstan and anchor capstan. Mooring capstan is an ideal machine for confined space to moor a ship. Mooring capstan is popular with many customers. 
  • Anchor Capstan: Anchor capstans can be driven with electric as well as hydraulic system. The gypsy can be operated by the hand wheel which is mounted on the topside of the anchor capstan. The drumhead of capstan can be designed with stainless structure.

Electric Capstan
Anchor Capstan

Mooring Capstan
Mooring Capstan

For Different Power Supply

There are electric capstan for sale and hydraulic capstan for your choices. Electric capstan runs by electric motor, while hydraulic capstan is powered by hydraulic system. The electric capstan can be equipped with single, double or three speed electric motor, and this kind of capstan has safe operation and relatively low cost.

Anchor Capstan
Electric Capstan

Hydraulic Casptan
Hydraulic Casptan

For Different Structure

  • Marine capstan can be configured in vertical design and horizontal design. Vertical capstan is with a drum rotating round a vertical spindle driven by a motor, and it’s usually mounted on the deck in a vertical position. This kind of  capstan uses a vertical shaft and the motor can be placed below decks.
  • Horizontal capstan can be used on decks or shores. The motor can only be installed on deck, but not be mounted below deck because of its design and structure. Compared with vertical capstan, horizontal capstan may increase exposure to excessive moisture.

Horizontal Capstan
Horizontal Capstan

Vertical Capstan
Vertical Capstan

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Two Main Installation Methods Of Marine Capstan

Aicrane capstan for sale has flexible installation. The installation way can be deck-mounted or thru-the-deck mounted. The installation process of capstan is relatively easy, and Aicrane can provide free installation guidance online.

  • 1. Deck-mounted way: The drum and motor are installed on deck. Horizontal can only use this installation method. If you choose this installation method, you had better take some measures to protect the machinery from unnecessary exposure and potential problems. For example, cover the machine when the machine is not in use.
  • 2. Thru-the deck way: The drum is mounted on deck, and the motor is installed under the deck. Vertical capstan usually uses this installation method, which can keep the motor and gearbox parts more protected and prevent from excessive moisture.

Considering Whether You Need Marine Capstans Or Marine Winches

Marine capstan and marine winch are the two main machines for lifting and pulling loads in marine environments. Both of them have high performance and various functions. Generally, you can tell us your actual working conditions and other demands, and Aicrane engineers will provide ideal solutions for you.

  • Capstan cannot store the rope, because the drum is small, while marine winch can store the rope. In addition, capstan machine has small and compact structure, and the customers usually use it when their boats are small or they only need a machine with simple function.
  • The rated load of marine winch can be up to 200 ton. That is, you can choose 50 ton winch, 100 ton winch, etc. The capstan for sale in Aicrane has load capacity from 1 to 25 ton. Therefore, if you need a machine to make heavier operation, marine winch is more fit to you.


Electric Mooring Winch

How To Choose A Suitable Marine Capstan?

The process of choosing an ideal machine should be precise. You had better tell us the following details, and our skilled will select a right machine for you.

  • What types of the capstans do you want (anchoring or mooring capstan, vertical or horizontal capstan)?
  • The capstan you need is used on the deck or on the shore.
  • Please tell us the load capacity of the capstan, which is determined by the loads need to be pulled.
  • You need a capstan with electric power or hydraulic power.
  • Do you want to buy a capstan marine with single speed or double speed?
  • Other special requirements.
Capstan For Sale
Capstan For Sale

Why Many Customers Choose Aicrane?

Recent years, Aicrane is becoming a popular brand in marine equipment market. Some customers’ impression of our brand is with high cost performance, large group enterprises, and overseas large order execution experience. They think Aicrane is safe and reliable.

High-Quality Capstans

Most of our customers pay attention to the products’ quality. Therefore, we usually use advanced technologies and machines to manufacture our capstans. Before shipment, we can ensure that our capstans have passed the inspection. If our customers still have concerns, we welcome them to visit our factory, and we can provide them with kinds of certificates and documents.

Competitive Price

Aicrane has a large-scale factory, which can guarantee fast production and delivery. The prices of our products are factory prices. Besides, Aicrane usually provides cost-effective marine capstan solutions for customers to help customers save cost.

Excellent Service

Aicrane is not only a lifting equipment manufacturer, but an experienced exporter. We don’t just provide a variety of machines, and it is also important to offer services that satisfy customers. Now, in order to assist customers in problem judgment and maintenance reminder, Aicrane has built Internet of Things system. In addition, All of our capstan are with one year warranty.


Some Configurations Of Marine Capstan
  • The capstan can be with gypsy and drum
  • Variety of control options
  • It can work with single speed, double speed, and variable speed
  • Electric system or hydraulic system
  • Some protection devices
  • It can be with stainless part
How Does A Capstan Work?
  • Capstan is a vertical axis rotating machine, which used on boats to increase the seafarer’s pulling force when towing ropes and cables. The electric motor is inserted into the input end of the reducer and is connected to the reducer as a whole. The sprocket shaft is directly sleeved on the output shaft of the reducer, and the torque is transmitted through the key.
  • The sprocket and the capstan body are provided with inlays used as clutches, and the clutch handle is used to control the lifting and lowering of the capstan body, so that the capstan winch body and the sprocket are combined or disconnected.
What Kind Of Certification Aivrane Has Passed?

We have ISO quality management system certificate, our products have passed CE certification, our machine can enter the EU market. In addition, we can do third-party inspection or certification according to your request. Marine winch products can do DNV, ABS, BV etc. Classification Society Certification.


Whether The Color Of Capstans Could Change?
If you have special color requirements or print logo, you need to inform in advance, and the service is provided free of charge. Sometimes, our customers will ask us to add their logos on the machine.
Whether Aicrane Could Provide CLASS Certificate?

For offshore deck equipment, we can provide CLASS certificates. BV is required the most, so the time is short and the cost is low. Other certificates like Det Norske Veritas DNV, German Register of Shipping GL, British Register of Shipping LR, American Bureau of Shipping ABS, Russian Register of Shipping RS, Indian Register of Shipping IRS, etc. can also be provided.

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