Marine Hydraulic Winch

Marine hydraulic winch has high quality and good performance. It is widely used for pulling or lifting relatively heavier loads. In addition, the winch is used on ship, dock, offshore, and other places. According to different applications, the winch can be sorted into mooring winch, anchor winch, towing winch and capstan.

What’s more, in our company, you can find out many different types and tons, such as 5 ton winch, 10 ton winch, 50 ton winch, etc. Marine hydraulic winch is powered by hydraulic pump station. If you have interest in the winch, please get in touch with us to get one.

Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Marine Hydraulic Winch

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Various Types Of Marine Hydraulic Winches

Hydraulic marine winch has a variety of applications. In our company, you can find hydraulic anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch and capstan to make marine operations. These winches are widely applied on ships or shores to lifting or pulling loads. Marine hydraulic winch for sale is  powered by hydraulic pump station, and it is suitable for moving relatively heavier items.

These winches have their particular uses and features. Our marine hydraulic winches can be customized for all types of ships, which will enable customers to get the most safe, efficient and productive solutions. We also have winches with different rated loads, including 5 ton winch, 30 ton winch, and 50 ton winch, etc.

Anchor Winch

Anchor Winch is our hot-sale marine winch, and you can use it for anchoring operations. The winch can be divided into anchor chain winch and anchor rope winch to meet your different requirements. Besides, many customers choose hydraulic anchor winch to move ships. Please contact us if you are interested in it.

Mooring Winch

Mooring winch is widely fixed on the boats or shores to used to berth boats. It is an ideal choice for mooring working. The winch has advantages of convenient inspection and maintenance, and the brake is easy to adjust. Besides, there are single drum mooring winch and double drum mooring winch for your reference.

Hydraulic Anchor Winch

Hydraulic Mooring Winch

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Towing Winch

Towing winch has the function of tugging boats. The length of the towing rope is affected by the size of the boat to be towed, the speed of the tugboat and the weather, and it is not less than 200m on the sea. In accordance with the type of the ship, the operating range of the tugboat and the length of the rope required, we can provide you with a satisfactory plan.

Combination Winch

Mooring winch and anchor winch are sometimes combined into a combination winch due to the size of the deck. The combination winch consists of one or two drums in the middle and a chain wheel on each side. Such combination design can realize the functions of both anchor winch and mooring winch. It not only saves manufacturing and installation costs, but also saves a lot of deck space.

Towing Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Anchor And Mooring Winch

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Hydraulic Capstan

Our group has a variety of marine capstans to meet your specific demands. This kind of  small winch is used to moor and anchor on deck or shore. If you have other requirements, we can provide custom service for you. Hydraulic capstan is equipped with hydraulic device. In addition, capstans will not store cable or wire rope.

About marine capstan, there are the normal capstan and the capstan with stainless steel for choice. Aicrane can also design and produce the vertical capstan and horizontal capstan. The selection of a capstan depends on the customers’ actual conditions and deck space of the ship. Before purchasing a capstan, having a deep conversation with our staffs is a vital thing.

Hydraulic Mooring Capstan

Hydraulic Anchor Capstan With stainless Steel

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Single Drum & Double Drum Winch

Our company has single drum winch, double drum winch and multiple drum winch for sale in line with the drum configuration. Compared with single drum winch, the double drum winch is with larger rated load under the same condition. Single drum winch is suitable for relatively light working.

Our marine winches for different applications all can be designed as single drum winch or double drum winch. You can choose a marine drum winch in line with your actual conditions. If you have other needs, please contact us to choose a customized machine.

Double Drum Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Single Drum Winch

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Marine Hydraulic Winch Systems

Learning the hydraulic winch systems is very important for clients to choose the right products in the various markets. First, you can learn about the detail information including the main structure, the speed types, control system, etc. The winch has high work efficiency.

You can choose single drum or double drum winch depending to the requirements. It has simple structure and reasonable installation system. It belongs to the compact hydraulic winches. It adopts the modular designs in order to meet the easy use. It is suitable for the controlled speeds in the lowering loads.

Are you looking for the marine hydraulic winch for your business? Or, if you want to learn more useful information about this products, please contact our company. We can customize the standard hydraulic winch and has top class technology to design the winch for our own clients.

The facility and wide functions can be designed and added by the experts and engineers. You can choose to customize the size about hydraulic winch and electric winch. In addition, we produce the popular hydraulic, electric driven anchor, and mooring winches, lifting winches, slipway winches, ship winches, towing winches, etc. If you have needs about these winch products, please get in touch with us.

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Hydraulic Marine Winch Design

Generally speaking, the standard marine hydraulic winch can lift heavy materials. In our company you can find out anchor hydraulic winch, mooring hydraulic winch, towing hydraulic winch and hydraulic capstan according different functions. These marine winches hydraulically run by hydraulic pump station.

Hydraulic Mooring Winch

  • About hydraulic capstan, it has light weight. It can used for harsh environment, because it has special material design and system control management. It can be customized depending on the clients’ preferences.
  • Of course, we can offer the various types and tons including 5 ton winch, 10 ton winch, 20 ton winch, 50 ton winch, etc. These winches are very popular from all over the world.
  • Our winch products have exported to many countries and regions. If you have needs about winch, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We can give the excellent service and professional winches. Please put in touch with us if you are interested in the winch.

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What Is The Hydraulic Pump Station?

Hydraulic marine winch is powered by hydraulic pump station, and hydraulic pump station is an important part of the marine winch. Therefore, before purchasing a hydraulic winch, you are supposed to know more about hydraulic station. The following is the parts of a hydraulic pump station.

Hydraulic Pump Station

  • Pump: It is equipped with motor and oil pump, which is the power source of hydraulic station and converts mechanical energy into power energy.
  • Integrated block: Integrated block can adjust the direction, pressure and flow of hydraulic oil.
  • Valve group: The device has the same function as the integrated block.
  • Oil tank: It is a steel welded semi-closed container with oil filter net, air filter, etc. The oil tank is used for oil storage, oil cooling and filtration.
  • Electrical box: It can be divided into two forms. One is to set an external lead terminal board. The other is equipped with a full set of control appliances.

About Delivery And Installation Of The Winch

Winch Delivery

Recently, we have delivered two hydraulic marine winches to Indonesia. The winches is fully debugged and assembled before leaving the factory, and you only to connect the power supply to use it when you receive the product. The customer from Indonesia thinks highly of the products and our great service. Looking forward to working with you.

Hydraulic Winch Delivery

Hydraulic Device

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Winch Installation

12 ton hydraulic waterfall winch has been exported to Philippines, and our experts help them install the product. Our winch is well assembled and finish commissioning before factory, client just need to make the foundation for winch ready as per the drawing we provide, and wiring the winch to local power source is ok.

The solutions we provide are based on your requirements, and take into account factors such as transportation and installation, in order to maximize cost savings and provide products that best meet your needs.

Hydraulic Winch Installation

Winch Installation

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Aicrane-The Trusted Winch Brand

As a reliable and professional winch manufacturer, we have produced kinds of winches for many years. The experts have professional knowledge and abundant experience to design and produce marine hydraulic winch in our company. We pay attention to the implement the latest frequency and dynamic brake technology to design our products.

High-quality Products

Our various types of winches are safe and reliable for your business. What’s more, our company has strict quality control system during production process. Before shipment, all of our winches will be checked carefully to ensure that the products have no problems.

We adopt the advanced technology and materials to manufacture the products. We are responsibility for the high quality and reliability of winch. If you have needs about small winch or its parts, please contact us. Our patient staffs will give you some advice to choose an ideal winch.

Excellent After-Sales Service

When you purchase a winch from our group, we can provide installation and operation guidance. The winches designed by Aicrane are covered by one year warranty, if any parts damaged or breakdown caused by quality problems within 1 year , we will provide free replacement parts.

Quality is the foundation and service is our mission. Every winch exported has a factory inspection report. We stick to high quality and stable production. Therefore, our company can be trusted and selected by many customers among a lot of suppliers in China.

Other Reasons For Choosing Our Company

  • We focus on the marine hydraulic process of manufacturing very seriously.
  • From the mechanical design to actual tests of winch, we can consult the customers’ ideals about the product’s function and applications.
  • Our team pay attention to manufacturing safe and reliable products for our clients.
  • Our research and development group constantly learns new global technology to help make better products.
  • We take pride in offering reliable and top quality customer service, which enhances the products’ influence and development.
  • If you need after sales service for your products, you can learn our excellent service team and meet your maintenance requirements.
  • Let’s help you find out right winch and customized high performance marine winch for your business.

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