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Mine Winch

Mine winch belongs to a specific winch, which is usually used in various mines for mining operations, including coal mines, metal mines and non-metal mines. The specific machine is used to lift and drag coal, copper, silver, iron and other kinds of minerals. If you are interested in the winch, please contact us, our experts will help you choose a right product according your needs.

mine winch for sale
Hydraulic Mine Winch

Working Principle Of Mine Winch

When starting the main motor, the motor rotor transmit the power the high speed shaft of the reducer through the elastic coupling. After the reducer divers the deceleration. The passive shaft of the reducer passes to the spindle device through the gear coupling.

friction mine winch
Friction Mine Winch for Sale

friction mine winch for sale specifications

  • Loading capacity: 1~40 t
  • Rope capacity: 50~1500 m
  • Working speed: 10~200 m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

The Various Types Of Mine Winch

  • According to the different requirements, there are different drum size and types.
  • There are single drum and double drum types.
  • According to power system, there are electric type winch and hydraulic type winch for sale.
  • According to the explosion proof operation, you can choose the right explosion proof or common winch type.

mine winch for sale
Single Drum Mine Winch

mine winch for sale
double drum mine winch

Various Advantages of Min Winch

Double-speed multi-purpose winch has compact structure, symmetrical arrangement, low center of gravity, good stiffness and strength. It can be mounted and anchored. This machine is safe and reliable. This series product execution standard. It has easy installation and low maintenance.

The The protective device is designed scientifically and reasonably, adjustable, reliable, safe and has perfect function. The design is exquisite. There are small size and light weight. In addition, we can offer the convenient transportation and easy installation.

According different research and development, you can choose the right winch with reasonable price. The some materials can be used in waste products, which saves cost and long service life.

friction winch
Friction Mine Winch for Sale

The Mine Winch Applications

The winch is a simple means of transportation. It has a motor drive cable. It has the starting and end of the car have full-time personnel to guard and transmit signals. After determining the signal of the winch room staff to start the motor cable to drive the winch.

The winches are mainly used for down hole ore truck scheduling,, material transportation and relocation of various mechanical and electrical equipment. It has strong auxiliary transportation work. You can also be used for mining face back column roof. The winch has two kinds of speed and slow speed, which can change the speed and traction force according to the needs of the field. It can carry out the work under different conditions.

Mine Double Speed Winch for Sale

Mine double-speed winch is the equipment for flameproof type. it is mainly used fr supply underground coal dust or explosive gas under the environment of coal face hydraulic support passage. It can fall and carry. When mine in inclination less than 30 degrees face or roadway lift and lower weight, it has two speed and two kinds of traction.

Application of Mine Double Speed Winch

Mine double-speed winch is mainly used for underground coal mining face, which is fully mechanized mining equipment and all kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment relocation and other auxiliary transportation work. As well as underground mining face, into the bottom yard, it can be up the mountain down the mountain. It can be ground and other places in the mine car dispatching. It has material transportation work. It can also be used for mining face back column roof.

The Advantages of Mine Double Speed Winch

  1. It has high transmission efficiency, high efficiency, large capacity and energy saving.
  2. It has simple operation, convenient use and reliable double brake.
  3. The structure process is simple. In addition, it has reliable structure and low cost.
  4. The machine has long service and low maintenance costs.

Mine Winch for Sale

As the professional winch manufacturer and supplier, we have full experience and our own factory. If you have some time, you can visit our factory. We can offer the standard design and 3D operation model. Of course, there are various successful cases about winch production. If you are interested in our products, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

mine winch for sale
Electric Mine Winch
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