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Recent Posts

60 Ton Slipway Winch Has Been Installed In Indonesia

Good news! A 60 ton electric slipway winch has been installed on shore in Indonesia.…

5 days ago

QPQ2*25T Electric Winches Shipped To Vietnam

Congratulations, three QPQ2*25T electric winches have been shipped to Vietnam. They were delivered from Qingdao…

2 weeks ago

32 Ton Electric Mooring Winch Philippines Was On The Way

A 32 ton electric mooring winch Philippines was on the way. It will arrive in…

4 weeks ago

Two Hydraulic Anchor Winches Have Been Delivered To Indonesia

Two hydraulic anchor chain winches have been delivered to Indonesia. They will be used for…

1 month ago

5 Ton AQ-JM Electric Winch Operation In Lebanon

Two AQ-JM 5 ton electric winches produced by us has been put on operation in…

1 month ago

A Electric Mooring Winch & 45T Towing Winch Delivered To Malaysia

Aicrane delivered an electric mooring winch, a 45 ton towing winch and a 3 ton…

2 months ago
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