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Pontoon boat anchor winch for sale

Pontoon boat anchor winch is a kind of marine machine for light duty and heavy duty marine boats, yachts, or pontoon sailboats. Excellent pontoon anchor winch can lower anchor smoothly and quietly. With 100 ft. (30.5m) of braided anchor line and 700 lb. (317.5kg) break strength, this type of anchor windlasses can be operated safely and quietly on your pontoon boats. The gear motor of the pontoon anchor winch is very powerful with a 12v low amp which can consume less battery power compared to traditional windlasses.  Excellent anchor winch for pontoon boats has 3-step corrosion protection and stainless steel hardware which can be fit for saltwater conditions. The capacity of excellent electric pontoon anchor windlasses is up to 20 pounds which equals to 9.1 kg and its maximum capacity can reach 25lbs (11.3 kg) which can meet your heavy or light loads handling operations.

 pontoon boat anchor winch for sale
pontoon boat anchor winch for sale

Pontoon boat anchor winch specifications

  • Winch capacity: 20 lb. to 25 lbs.
  • Wire: 16 ft. of 10-Gauge Marine-Grade (Tin Plated) wire
  • Switch: Sealed switch
  • Brake: Circuit brake
  • Motor: Heavy-duty DC motor
  • Anchor Rope: 100 ft. of a braided anchor, the rope has 700 lb. break strength
  • Gearbox: the Rugged die-cast aluminum gearbox with all steel gears
  • Anchor roller: Anchor roller (Anchor is stowed horizontally)
  • Rope loop: Factory made a rope loop with metal thimble and anchor shackle
  • Spare parts: Stainless steel installation hardware and safety cable included
anchor winch for pontoon boat
anchor winch for pontoon boat

Top 9 Reasons most of Customers Choose Pontoon Boat Anchor Winch

  1. Quick manufacturing and design period. All types of excellent pontoon anchor windlasses can be transported by international known logistic companies with quick and convenient delivering period.
  2. One stop services to solve you all kinds of problems related to the pontoon anchor winch: the company can provide you professional installation and operating instructions services.
  3. Different pontoon boat anchor winch dimensions are suitable for different kinds of boats.
  4. Circuit breaker
  5. Highly-efficient retrieval speed
  6. Safety cable to secure your boat anchor fixed when not in use.
  7. Large rope capacity
  8. Sealed Switch
  9. High-performance electric winch and an integrated roller which can be positioned close to a winch or spaced away. And its installation position is determined by the length of the anchor shank.
powerwinch 24′ class pontoon boat anchor winch

All the above-integrated pontoon anchor winch services and features are strong reasons that majority of customers choose anchor pontoon boat windlasses.

Excellent pontoon anchor winch design

Excellent winch can let you make anchoring easier than ever. This type of winches are very useful for both beginner boaters and anglers for a bite in drifting waters. If you do not want to install your anchor windlasses beneath your pontoon boats. We pontoon boat anchor winch can securing your boat which will be sitting safely in a davit off your pontoon decking. Excellent Winch Factory designs different kinds of anchor styles to suit your different kinds of pontoons. Excellent pontoon boat anchor windlasses are not only great pontoon accessories but they are very useful for both begin boaters and anglers waiting for a bite in drifting waters. This kind of windlasses is specially designed for customers who suffer back injuries or knee injuries or who are not willing to sustain one by yanking an anchor around and who cannot lift heavy pontoon boat anchors manually.

trac pontoon 35 electric boat anchor winch
trac pontoon 35 electric boat anchor winch

Why should you have a new pontoon boat anchor windlasses

If you want to boat by yourself, the anchor windlasses will be the best fit for you. The strength of the anchor windlasses over other traditional windlasses is that you do not have to clean the weeds and grass off before hoisting the anchor on deck and storing it beneath a bench. Since the anchor now has its own space, you don’t have to dunk it over and over to release the caked mud before carrying it over passengers on deck. If you want to keep your deck clean, the pontoon boat anchor windlasses will be your top choice.

 pontoon boat anchor windlass 24
pontoon boat anchor windlass 24

Excellent pontoon boat anchor winch configurations

Excellent anchor winch has its own convincing configurations. There are different kinds of anchor pontoon windlasses driven by different types of powers, manual, electric, and hydraulic powers. All the pontoon anchor boat anchor windlasses’ maximum anchor weight capacity and the length of line the reel can hold. If you want to use our pontoon anchor windlasses can be also installed on deck boats.

Any kinds of boat anchor windlasses you need to buy from our factory, be free to contact us.

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