QPQ2*25T Electric Winches Shipped To Vietnam

Congratulations, three QPQ2*25T electric winches have been shipped to Vietnam. They were delivered from Qingdao Port of China to Ho Chi Minh Port in 9 days. These winches are used to lift and lower the gate of dam. Now, they are in the customer’ s site and installed successfully. If you also need the QPQ winch, please keep on reading this post.

25 Ton QPQ Winch

QPQ Winch To Vietnam

Special Features Of The Winch Vietnam

  • This kind of electric winch is driven by electric motor.
  • The winch is with convenient installation and maintenance.
  • Two electric winches work together, and operate smoothly.
  • It has compact structure, large pull force, smooth and reliable operation.
  • It has special design, which is equipped with connecting rod. Two winches are connected by two connecting rods.
25 Ton Winch To Vietnam

Winch Price In Vietnam

Our winches are generally customized machines. Different types of the winches have various prices. In addition, the transportation cost and the cost of raw materials can also affect winch Vietnam price. What’s more, Aicrane is with large and professional factory, which can provide you with competitive price. We can guarantee that our quality is the best on the same price basis. If you want to get the quotation, please communicate with us. Like this customer, he searched Aicrane at google and sent us an inquiry.

Why The Vietnam Customer Choose Aicrane?

Vietnam is our main market. Our company attaches great importance to this market. We usually have long-term cooperation with many customers from Vietnam. For example, this client said he wanted to have another order in the future. He thinks highly of the quality of our winches.

Aicrane can help customers choose a right winch in line with their specific requirements. About after-sales, we can help our customers install and maintain winches though guidance online. All of our winches have one year warranty. If you want to invest in a winch, please contact us.

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