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Qualified Winch Standards

 Mechanical part

1 pad iron anchor bolt

1) the width of pad iron is not less than 70, and the slope is not greater than 1/25.
2) the pad group should be cushions on the foundation and the contact area with the foundation should be no less than 60%.
3) the base bolts should be placed on the sides of the main shaft and other main bearing points, and the pad spacing should be 500 to 800mm.
4) the pad iron group is not more than 3 stories, the height is not less than 60mm, the flat mat iron exposing the bottom edge of the equipment 10 – 20mm, the oblique pad iron 10 – 50mm.
5) after leveling, it is necessary to discontinuously weld between the backing iron group. The length of the weld is not less than 20mm, and the spacing is not more than 40mm.
6) the foundation bolts should be vertical, and should not touch the bottom and hole walls. After tightening, the bolts will expose the nuts 2 to 4 pitch.
7) the nuts of the foundation bolts are in good contact with the washer and the equipment.
8) grouting was made into a lap and cleaned, filled with tamping, and the cement strength was higher than that of the foundation.

2 spindle device

1) the horizontal degree of the spindle is not more than 0.1/1000.
2) the bearing pedestal must be closely contacted with the base.
3) the position deviation of spindle axis in the horizontal plane is 10/2000.
4) Allowable deviation of spindle axis height and design elevation ±50mm.
5) improve the position of the center line 5mm.
6) the perpendicularity of spindle axis and lifting center line is 0.15/100.
7) the bearing seat is horizontally 0.1/1000 along the direction of the spindle.
8) the bearing seat is horizontally 0.15/1000 along the direction perpendicular to the spindle.

3 decelerator

1) the speed reducer output shaft level should not exceed 0.15/1000.
2) there is no sundries in the box.
3) the reducer binding surface should not leak oil.
4) the displacement of the gear coupling is not more than 0.15, and the displacement of the pin coupling is not more than 0.1.
5) the gap between the gear top is 0.14mm, and the side gap is 0.04mm. The contact area along the tooth length is 85% and the tooth height is 60%.

4 main motor

1) the terminals and terminals must be connected tightly without external force.
2) the gap between rotor and stator should be satisfied (max/min) / mean value less than 10%.
3) The temperature of the motor rolling bearing does not exceed 80°C and there is no oil leakage.
5 Braking System Installation
1) The gap between the same sub brake shoe and the brake disc shall be the same, and its deviation is strictly prohibited to exceed 0.5 mm.
2) The average friction radius of the brake shoe must be equal to or slightly larger than the designed friction radius.
3) The coincident centerline of each brake cylinder and the centerline of the spindle must not exceed 3mm.
4) The parallelism of the working surface of two brake shoes with auxiliary brake shall be 0.2mm.
5) The gap between the brake shoe and the brake disc is not more than 1mm, and the contact area is not less than 60%.
6) The return nozzle of the secondary brake safety valve must be 80mm higher than the centerline of the brake cylinder.
7) The external piping of the hydraulic station should be arranged neatly, and it should not leak oil.

5 auxiliary device installation

1) Depth Indicator The drive shaft is kept horizontal and each transmission component is flexible and reliable.
2) The depth indicator indicates that the stroke should be greater than 2/3 of the full distance of the indicator board. The pointer moves smoothly and should not be in contact with the indicator board.
3) Lubricant Pump Valve The pipeline and fuel tank are installed without oil leakage and operate normally.
4) The depth indicator and transmission should be assembled correctly and have a flexible rotation.

The electrical part

1 The insulation resistance of the low-voltage distribution panel must be greater than 0.5MΩ, and porcelain and bakelite are strictly prohibited from defects such as crack damage.
2 Control Protection The secondary circuit of the signal platform and the insulation resistance of the coil must not be less than 1 MΩ.
3 The cabinet is tightly connected to the base channel and the plate is indirectly seamed.
4 The plate and post-disc signs are complete and correct.
5 The electrical completeness is complete and the adjustment parameters meet the design.
6 The secondary wiring is correct, fixed and reliable, and the connecting plate of the wire and the electric appliance or terminal block is completely clear.
7 The relay screen should be installed separately from the contactor screen.
8 The magnetic amplifier is firmly mounted, the wiring is correct, and the setpoint deviation control and feedback winding adjustments are in line with the design.
9 During trial operation, the protection is complete, the operating procedure and the locking device are in accordance with the design, the temperature of the electrical coil is normal, the connector is not hot, and the sound and light signals are clear and correct.
10 The measured values of resistance of each phase: (maximum measured value – minimum measured value) / designed using value × 100% ≤ 10%
11 Power transmission test runs, all parts must start well, no overheating.
12 The metal frame has no deformation, is stable in installation, is horizontal and vertical, and has a firmly fixed resistance.
13 There is no crack in the metal resistance box, and there is no breakage in the resistor.
14 The power cable shall be laid with a pressure test and leakage test.
15 The cable terminal is tightly closed, the core wire is tightly connected, and the insulation tape is densely packed.
16 The power cable shall have a signboard, indicating the type and length of the specification.
17 Minimum allowable bending radius of cable: power cable ≥ 15d, control cable ≥ 10d.
18 When the grounding body and grounding plate are lap welded, the overlap length is more than 2 times the length.

 Test run

1 The braking torque is 3 times the maximum static moment.
2 The air in the brake system should be excluded.
3 When the brake lever is fully loosened in the middle of the full brake, the current of the electrohydraulic pressure regulating device is respectively the minimum and the half.
4 All kinds of handle pedals must be flexible, reliable and accurate.
5 No-load test run The number of participants is not less than 8 and the load is not less than 24 hours.
6 The temperature rise of the bearing does not exceed 40°C.
7 The over-roll protection device operates reliably.