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quick anchor winch for sale

Quick anchor winch is a kind of fast speed marine winches, whose steel ropes’ wiring rated speed is about 30m/min. The anchor windlass manufactured is a kind of electric winch designed with different kinds of capacities. This kind of anchor windlass winch can be widely applied in marine industries, such as boats, ships, yachts, small bows, etc. It can also be applied in constructional sites as a hoisting component of the overhead cranes and gantry cranes. The anchor windlass also has hydraulic and manual powered types, any kinds of you need, Winch Machinery can tailor to you.

0.5 ton quick anchor winch for sale
0.5 ton quick anchor winch for sale

What types of quick windlass anchor winches in store?

There are different types of quick anchor winches which have been widely imported to our customers at home and abroad, such as the quick anchor boat winch for Australia friends’ boat anchoring and mooring applications, the quick 1000 anchor winch with high-speed configurations used for NZ customers building construction sites. Whatsoever, various types of anchor quick windlass with different power types are also at your business convenience, such as the quick electric anchor winch, and the hydraulic quick electric anchor winch whose performance is higher and material handling loads is heavier than those motorized power and hand winches. Quick anchor windlasses specifications are as follows for your RFQ reference.

5 ton quick hydraulic anchor winch
5 ton quick hydraulic anchor winch

Quick anchor solenoid winch specifications

  • Loading capacity: 1-32 t;
  • Wire rope capacity: 20~3600 m;
  • Working Speed: 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply:
  • 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase;

The company can manufacture quick anchor solenoid winch. The quick winch with electromagnetic brake is a kind of electric winch with different types: quick anchor windlass winch with cylindrical gear reducer, quick anchor solenoid winch with fast stroller and worm gear reducer and electric anchor winches with slow stroller, cylindrical gear reducer and open gear driven stroller quick anchor windlass, and the worm gear reducer and open gear driven stroller anchor winch.

5 ton Quick electric anchor winch
5 ton Quick electric anchor winch

Quick electric anchor winch specifications

  • Loading capacity: 1-32 t;
  • Wire rope capacity: 20~3600 m;
  • Working Speed: 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply:
  • 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase;

Quick electric anchor winch is a kind of ac high-speed winch with electric motors. Among so many electric winches, this type of anchor windlass is a best hot sale one. The electric anchor winch windlass include the drum anchor winches, such as single drums, double drums, and anchor winches with different capacities, such as 1t quick anchor electric winches, 2t electric anchor winches, and 3t to 35t anchor windlasses with high speed configurations. Any types you need, the factory can tailor to you.

10 ton Quick boat anchor winch
10 ton Quick boat anchor winch

Quick boat anchor winch specifications

  • Loading capacity: 1-32 t;
  • Wire rope capacity: 20~3600 m;
  • Working Speed: 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply:
  • 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase;

The boat anchor winch is a kind of marine winch used for marine industry applications. This kind of quick windlass anchor winch also is used for boat anchoring and mooring applications. Companied with mirroring winches, marine drum winches, anchor capstans, and tugger winches, the boat anchor windlass is perfectly for your ships, yachts, boats in different sizes. Equipped with quick boat anchor windlass, your business productivity will be highly promoted.

quick anchor winch design

The fast speed winch is suitable for vertically conveying powdery, granular, and small-grained, loosely-ground bulk materials, such as grain, coal, cement, ore, etc., with a lifting height of up to 40m. Quick type is designed and manufactured according to JB3926-85 “vertical fast winch” standard. At present, domestic commonly used fast winches are the vertical type and relatively new type. The quick type winch is equipped with four kinds of hopper Q type (float), H type (arc bottom bucket) and ZD type (medium deep bucket) SD type (deep bucket

Structure of the high speed winch

The fast speed winch consists of an operating section (hopper and traction tape), an upper section with a drive roller, a lower section with a tension roller, an intermediate casing, a drive device, a backstop brake device, etc. Upwardly convey bulk density, ρ<1.5t/m3 powdery, granular, and small-grained non-abrasive and semi-abrasive bulk materials, such as coal, sand, coke, cement, crushed ore, etc.

TD-type quick winch structure: Transmission TD-type bucket elevator transmission has two forms with YZ type reducer ZQ (or YY) reducer. YZ-type shaft reducer is directly installed on the shaft head, eliminating the need for a drive platform, coupling, etc., to make the structure compact, lightweight, and its inside with a special roller backstop, reliable backstop. The reducer has low noise, stable operation, and floats with the spindle to eliminate installation stress.

7.5T Diesel Winch
7.5T Diesel Winch

Top 4 features of quick anchor windlass winches

  1. Small driving power, adopts influent feeding, induced discharge, large-capacity hopper-intensive arrangement. When the material is lifted, there is almost no return and excavation phenomenon, so there is little invalid power.
  2. It has a wide range of lifting. This kind of hoist has less requirements on the types and characteristics of materials. It cannot only improve the general powdery and small granular materials but also can improve the materials with greater abrasiveness. It has good sealing and less environmental pollution.
  3. Fast winch operation reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods, to ensure the reliability of the whole operation, no failure more than 20,000 hours. The lifting height is high. The hoist runs smoothly, so a higher lifting height can be achieved.
  4. Winches’ service life is long, the feeding of the hoisting machine adopts the inflow type, there is no need to excavate the material with the bucket, the extrusion and the collision phenomenon rarely occur between the materials. The machine is designed to ensure that there is little spillage of materials during feeding and unloading, reducing mechanical wear.
5 T Electric winch winch
5 T Electric winch winch

What kinds of quick anchor winch parts are equipped with for a high-performance winch?

The following is the quick hydraulic anchor winch main spare parts for your reference.

Hydraulic winch main structure assembly drawing

No. Name Quantity No. Name Quantity No. Name Quantity
1 Hydraulic motor 1 11 Short axis  1 21 Secondary sun gear 1
2 External friction plate 12 Connection splines 1 22 Secondary planet gear 1
3 Internal friction plate 13 Wide internal gear 1 23 First Planetary Carrier Set 1
4 Flange 1 14 Long axis 1 24 First Planetary Wheel 1
5 Fittings 1 15 Secondary planet carrier group 1 25 First-class sun gear 1
6 X type sealing ring 1 16 Bearings 1 26 Return spring 1
7 Motor side plate 1 17 Terminal flange 1 27 One-way clutch assembly 1
8 Cylindrical bush 1 18 Oil seal 1 28 Base 1
9 Braking assembly 1 19 roller 1 29 Sequence valve 1
10 Narrow internal gear 1 20 Flange side plate 1 30 Seat 1

Hydraulic winch axonometric

No. Name Quantity No. Name Quantity No. Name Quantity
1 bolt 4 29 Bearings 1 57 Retaining ring 3
2 Sequence valve 1 30 Oil seal 1 58 Secondary planet gear 3
3 bolt 4 31 Oil plug 1 59 Secondary planet carrier 1
4 Seat 1 32 Base 1 60 Cotter pin 1
5 Fittings 1 33 Flange 1 61 Secondary sun gear 1
6 O-ring seal 2 34 O-ring seal 1 62 Wide internal gear 1
7 Tee fittings 1 35 External friction plate 63 Connection splines 1
8 Hydraulic motor 1 36 Internal friction plate 64 Narrow internal gear 1
9 Fittings 1 37 Retaining ring 2 65 Retaining ring 1
10 Flange connector 1 38 Retaining ring 2 66 Short axis 3
11 bolt 4 39 Retaining ring 1 67 Retaining ring 6
12 90° pipe fittings 1 40 Roller 4 68 Bearings 3
13 Tee fittings 1 41 Top pin 4 69 First Planetary Wheel 3
14 bolt 20 42 spring 4 70 First stage planet carrier 1
15 washer 26 43 Star wheel 4 71 First-class sun gear 1
16 Nuts 2 44 Spline 1 72 Struts 1
17 Stud 2 45 Brake cylinder 1 73 Flange side plate 1
18 90° pipe fittings 1 46 Retaining ring 1 74 Terminal flange 1
19 bolt 2 47 O-ring seal 1 75 90° pipe fittings 1
20 O-ring seal 1 48 piston 1 76 Oil plug 1
21 Motor pad 1 49 O-ring seal 1 77 Vent 1
22 bolt 2 50 Return spring 78 End cap 1
23 Motor side plate 1 51 Retaining ring 1 79 bolt 4
24 X type sealing ring 1 52 Support 1 80 washer 6
25 Cylindrical bush 1 53 Retaining ring 1 81 bolt 6
26 O-ring seal 1 54 Long axis 3
27 roller 1 55 Retaining ring 6 4A 1.5T seat  6
28 Block 1 56 Bearings  6

Hydraulic motor shaft package layout

No. Name Material No. Name Material
1 Motor shaft 4 O-ring seal Ding Yu Rubber
2 Oil seal Ding Yu Rubber 5 Sealing ring 45 steel
3 O-ring seal Ding Yu Rubber

3T/5T hydraulic motor shaft seal mechanical seal assembly drawing

No. Name Material No. Name Material
1 Press spring seat H62 6 Stamping drive sleeve H62
2 spring 1Cr18Ni9Ti 7 Rotating ring Tin Bronze (WC)
3 Stamping ring H62 8 Stationary ring WC
4 Press pad H62 9 Cushion Ding Yu Rubber
5 Rubber bellows Ding Yu Rubber

Optional quick anchor winch spare parts

The following anchor quick electric anchor winch parts are optional for your industrial facility.

  • Quick anchor winch remote control: with this remote control, your quick winch can be both operated by onsite and offsite operations. There is quick anchor windlass remote control chc1102m for your fast speed anchor winch
  • Quick anchor windlass handle: a spare part for winch operator’s facility
  • Quick anchor windlass gypsy for 3/8 g4 chain: promote your anchor winch’s hoisting performance
  • Quick anchor winch wiring diagram: if you need, winch engineer can provide and design to you.
10t Electric Anchor Winch Electric Box
10t Electric Anchor Winch Electric Box

Quick anchor winch price offered from winch factory

All types of winch provided by Winch Factory are at factory price. However, if you need our customized anchor winches, the quick anchor windlass will be different from the traditional one. Customized quick winches with additional parts, such as the remote control and handle will cost a bit more.

10 ton electric quick anchor winch for sale
10 ton electric quick anchor winch for sale

Countries that Recently Exported with Quick Anchor Windlass

If you are in New Zealand, you will find winch nz available in many places, as well as in Australia, winch factory also have its winch Australia and quick anchor windlass parts Australia are also available to the local people. Apart from the south sphere of the earth, windlasses are also exported to the north sphere of the Earth, such as in the European countries. In Italy, customers can also buy our products quick anchor winch Italy. Thus, customers, wherever you are, come in connection, you will find your ideal winches are available to you at our factory. Not only the price of the anchor winch is attractive, but also its performance and quality are sound and nice.

Double drum anchor winch for sale
Double drum anchor winch for sale

Where can you use Electric anchor quick windlass winch?

Electronically controlled slow speed hoisting machine is mainly used for cargo lifting and large hoisting projects. It is suitable for construction and installation companies, civil engineering works in mining areas and factories, and other projects that require good speed control performance and can be reduced in jog speed. However,electronically controlled fast speed winches are mainly used in construction, railways, factories, mines, bridges, etc., which are suitable for installations such as vertical lifting, horizontal and slope dragging heavy loads and other working conditions.

68mm hydraulic anchor winch
68mm hydraulic anchor winch

Quick Electric Anchor Winch VS Slow Speed Winch

Differences in Model:

  • Slow Speed Winch Model: JM (scraper slow
  • Quick Electric Anchor Winch Model: JK (Rapid winch)


  • Slow winch rated speed: 10-18m/min
  • Quick anchor windlass winch rated speed: 19-34m/min


Because of the good speed control performance of the slow winch, the price is higher than that of the fast anchor winch.

Anchor WInch
Anchor WInch

How to operate your quick electric anchor winch easily? (Quick anchor winch manual)

  • Open the gate: press the lift button, the hoist will automatically stop when the water filling valve is lifted to the specified position; when the water pressure before and after filling the gate is equal to the specified value, the hoist will automatically turn on the power and lift the gate to the upper limit position. And automatically shut down. The practical opening of the fill valve is less than its design opening, and the full stroke of the gate is equal to the height of the orifice plus 0.5 to 1 m.
  • Close the gate: press the down button, the hoist will lower the gate to the lower limit position, it should be able to stop automatically.
  • Automatic reset: When the gate slides down to 0.3-0.5m due to water flow impact or brake wear, the master controller should make the hoist automatically switch on the power and return the gate to the upper limit position.
  • The accident closed: Usually, this operation is in the central control room with the direct current operation, and also in the field for debugging. Press the accident button, DC solenoid action, release the brake to quickly drop the gate, when the gate fell to the bottom of about 0.3m, automatically cut off the DC electromagnet power, so that the gate stopped down, after 5s, the time relay to DC solenoid Action, release the brake; or energize the motor and the AC solenoid and lower the gate.

Apart from quick anchor speed winch, other customized speed winches available to you, such as the variable speed electric winch and JM slow speed winches, any types you need, be free to contact us.

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