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Electric Winch with Wireless Remote Control for Sale

Our company as a leading winch supplier, always dedicated himself to the winch technology research and development, to provide excellent winch machines and services for our customers around the world. There are many characteristics of winch factory that some other winch suppliers don’t have in other countries. The best part of one is our customized service.

Among the winches in store, such as the electric marine winch, electric anchor winch, electric mooring winch, electric tugger winch, etc. no matter what kind of witches, to serve for your unique need, we can customize a plan for you. Most part of our electric winches can be equipped with a wireless remote control to ensure you the best safety and higher performance work.

 electric winch with wireless remote control for Sale
electric winch with wireless remote control for Sale

Advantages of the Remote Control Electric Winch

Since the traditional winches, machines controlling system is very complex and needs at least two people to control the system, ensuring an appropriate operation of the equipment. Thus, our company provides our customers electric winches with remote control. The wireless remote control electric winch only needs one person to control it, which saves your manual labor to a large degree.

The operator can control the situation of the electric winch through the wireless remote control. Then the operator can make the correct signal, reducing the transferring error, and promote the safety performance of the whole winch system.

220V-690V electric winch with wireless remote for sale
220V-690V electric winch with wireless remote for sale

Technical Highlights of the Electric Winch with Remote Control

  • Double control system, the local control system and the remote control system are combined with each other, enhance the safety performance of the electric winch.
  • Higher working performance, the electric winch with wireless remote control can perform much better than the traditional winches’ working performance.
  • Higher working efficiency, equipped with the professional wireless remote control, the electric winch can work better. The working efficiency is higher than the traditional one.
AQ-JM 8t electric winch with wireless control for sale
AQ-JM 8t electric winch with wireless control for sale

Matters Before Ordering An Electric Winch With Remote Control?

The wireless remote control is a customized part, so when you want to buy an electric winch with remote control from our company, you can provide your ship or boat capacity, how long distance do you want to control? The more specific information you provide to us, the more we can provide a best customized electric winch with wireless remote control for your ship or boat application.

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