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Split Drum Winch

Split drum winch is a special machine to make pulling and lifting operations. Generally, there are split drum winches with single drum and double drum for your reference. According to customers’ needs, the drum of split drum winch can be separated into two parts, three parts or four parts, etc. Besides, Aicrane can provide customized service to meet your requirements. When you use this winch in marine environments, the service life of cable will be extended.

Hydraulic Split Drum Winch
Hydraulic Split Drum Winch

Split Drum Winch Case For You

Split Drum Winch Exported To Vietnam

  • Aicrane has exported a split drum mooring winch to Vietnam. The customer uses this winch to berth boats on shore. This winch is with double drum and works with hydraulic pump station. At first, the customer said he didn’ t know whether to buy a single drum or a double drum winch. Our professional sales recommended him the winch with double drum in line with his working conditions.
  • About installation, Aicrane has provided free installation guidance online for the customer and the installation process is smooth. Therefore, he said he was satisfied with the winch and willing to work with Aicrane again.
Split Drum Winch To Vietnam
Split Drum Winch To Vietnam

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Package And Delivery Of Split Drum Winch

  • We can pack the winch in accordance with standard requirements or customers’ requirements. Generally, the winch is packed in plastic film or wooden box. As for electric devices and other small parts, we also use wooden box.
  • About delivery, Aicrane has professional shipping department responsible for transportation. Therefore, our winches commonly reach their destination on time. The delivery time can be guaranteed.

Winch Delivery
Winch Delivery

Hydraulic Pump Station Package
Hydraulic Pump Station Package

Wire Rope Package
Wire Rope Package

Various Applications Of Split Drum Winch

When it comes to split drum winch, you can use the winch in construction sites and marine environments. Aicrane can provide different types of winches with various applications. We have electric driven winch and hydraulic winch for sale. Generally, if you are keen to get a suitable machine, you should tell us your actual working conditions and the details of your projects.

For Construction Application

Split drum winch from Aicrane can be used to perform lifting, pulling in construction and installation sites, factories, explosive field and mining areas. For example, the AQ-JM slow speed winch is our hot-sale construction split drum winch. This kind of winch can have large force and slow speed.

AQ-JM Split Drum Winch
AQ-JM Explosion Proof Split Drum Winch


AQ-JM Slow Speed Winch Parameters

Model AQ-JM
Load capacity 0.5-200 ton
Wire rope capacity 20-3600m
Working speed 5~20 m/min
Power supply 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase

For Marine Application

Generally, so many customers purchase split drum winch for their boats. Aicrane has split drum mooring winch, split combination winch for your choices. For split drum marine winch, you can find marine electric winch and marine hydraulic winch in Aicrane.

Split Drum Mooring Winch

Split mooring winch is widely installed on decks or shores to berth boats. You can use the machine to drift, support and position during loading and unloading. In addition, it can adjust and compensate for the deviation caused by vibration with a constant tension. The drum will be split into storage part and operating part.

Electric Split Drum Mooring Winch
Electric Split Drum Mooring Winch


Mooring Winch Parameters

Model Electric mooring winch
Load capacity 1~100 ton
Rope capacity 200~600m
Working speed ≤15m/min
Drum Single or double
Protection level IP 56

Split Drum Combined Winch

The anchor mooring winch has the functions of making anchoring and mooring operations. It plays an important role in the operation of ships. Sometimes, the customer needs the mooring winch and anchor winch, but the deck space is narrow. We will recommend anchor mooring combination winch for customers to save deck space. Besides, combined winch requires one drive only. Combined winch is popular in the market.

Split Drum Anchor And Mooring Winch
Split Drum Anchor Mooring Winch

Split Drum Combination Winch
Split Drum Combined Winch

Split Drum Electric Winch & Hydraulic Winch

  • When it comes to power supply, the split drum winch from Aicrane has two main types – electric power and hydraulic power. Split drum electric winch works with an electric motor, and the motor can provide power for the winch. Electric type winch has simple structure, safe and easy operation, relatively lower price, and the delivery time is relatively short. Even more to the point, all of our electric winches can be equipped with frequency converter to achieve variable speed operations.
  • Hydraulic driven winch has the special equipment, hydraulic pump station. The machine can convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the oil. It has large starting torque. Not only electric winch but hydraulic winch from Aicrane both have great performance.

Split Drum Electric Winch
Split Drum Electric Winch

Split Drum Hydraulic Winch
Split Drum Hydraulic Winch

Difference Of Split Drum Winch And Double Drum Winch

Split drum winch can be with single drum or double drum. The split drum winch with single drum can be divided into two parts, three parts or four parts and these parts use the same motor to work together. Besides, when you use the winch in marine areas, a part of the drum can be used to retract dry cable and the other part of the drum is suitable for retracting wet cable.

Normal double drum winch has two separate drums, and they can work together or separately. Double drum winch is with great performance and compact structure. Aicrane can provide different types of double drum winches according to customers’ special requirements.

Split Drum Type Winch
Split Drum Type Winch

Electric Double Drum Winch
Normal Double Drum Winch

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How Do Customers Choose An Ideal Split Drum Winch?

Do you want to buy a suitable winch? A right winch will help you work more efficiently. Therefore, before purchasing a winch, the following details should be considered:

  • Rated load: You can choose the 5 ton winch, 30 ton winch, 50 ton winch and 100 ton winch, etc.
  • Work speed: slow speed, high speed or variable speed
  • Drum number: Single drum or double drum. 
  • Do you need additional devices like rope spooling device, load limiter, pulling force measurement, etc.
  • Power supply: electric or hydraulic
  • How many parts do you want the drum to be separated into?
Winch With Split Drum
Winch With Split Drum

Some Parts Of Split Drum Winch

  • Drum: You can find single drum winch and double drum winch in Aicrane. The drum of this winch is usually separated by the wall.
  • Wire rope: Steel wire rope used for winch should conform to stipulations of GB/T20118 and linear contact lay wire rope should be a priority for use.
  • Gypsy/Anchor chain: Split drum combination winch can be equipped with gypsy and anchor chain for anchoring operations. The customer should consider the diameter and length of anchor chain.
  • Motor: It can converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric devices are from Schneider, Siemens, ABB and other well-known brands.
  • Hydraulic pump station: It is an important equipment, which can provide power for hydraulic winch.
  • Overload limiter: In order to ensure safe and reliable operation of a winch, you had better install an overload limiter.

Combination Winch
Combination Winch With Chain & Rope

Wire Rope And Motor
Rope And Motor

Why Our Customers Choose Aicrane?

Aicrane is one of the Chinese leading winch manufacturers, which is with strong competitiveness and good reputation. Our winches and service are highly recognized. We have long-term cooperation with many customers, and some customers become our agents.

High-Quality Winches

During production process, there are strict quality control, and we use advanced production technology and equipment to manufacture winches. Our winches have passed inspection after production. In addition, Aicrane winches can be custom-designed and manufactured to meet customer specific requirements.

Rich Experience

Our company specializes in  production, sales and service. We have rich production, export and installation experience. Aicrane also has experience in providing projects solutions for clients. We have delivered so many winches to different countries.

Competitive Price

Aicrane has a large-scale factory, which can ensure not only the rapid production and delivery but also the competitive price. We can provide factory direct price for customers. Welcome to contact us and you will get a free quotation.

Aicrane Winch Service

If you purchase a winch from Aicrane, you will enjoy the one-stop service. Our design team, production team, sales team and service team will work together to serve you. What’s more, we can provide free installation, operation, maintenance guidance online. All of our winches have one year warranty.

Aicrane has professional engineers, which can provide a complete set of project solutions. For example, if you have a shipyard, you many need the overhead crane or gantry crane  winch, steel structure and travel lift to maintain ships, move ships, etc. All of these products you can find in Aicrane.

Service Team
Service Team


What Is A Winch?
A winch is a machine to move haul or lift loads using wire or chain. You can find the winch in workshops, mines, construction sites and on decks, shore, etc. Winch consists of rope, drum, gypsy, chain, clutch, brake, motor, etc. Nowadays, winch is popular in the market. Aicrane has delivered so many construction winches and marine winches to different countries.
What Factors Can Affect The Winch Price?

In the one hand, some internal factors can in fluence the winch price. For example, 50 ton winch has higher price than 10 ton winch. The winches with single drum or double drum, electric system or hydraulic system and different speeds have various prices. If the customer needs some additional devices like rope spooling device or pull force display, the price can also change.

In the other hand, we should also consider the external factors. Generally, transportation cost, row material cost and export policy all can affect the winch price. However, we can ensure that our winch price is competitive and reasonable. Welcome to contact us to know more.

What Are The Features Of Split Drum Winches?
  • It is suitable to marine environments, which can prolong the lift-span of cable.
  • Aicrane can provide split drum winches with close control and remote control.
  • This winch can save labor costs, improve work efficiency and productivity.
  • There are electric winch and hydraulic winch for you.
  • Split drum winches has easy installation and operation, less maintenance, long service life.
  • The winch is with protection devices such as overload protection and power failure protection to ensure safe operation.
What Are Our Payment Methods?
We can accept the payment method is T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. In addition, Aicrane can accept credit card payment and our Paypal account supports credit card payment. What’s more, we can make the deal through Alibaba trade assurance that supports credit card payment.
What Kind Of Certification Has Aicrane Passed?
Aicrane has ISO quality management system certificate, our products have passed CE certification, and our machines can enter the EU market. Besides, we can do third-party inspection or certification according to your request. It is remarkable that marine winch products can do DNV, ABS, BV etc, Classification Society Certification.
What should You Notice During Winch Operation?
  • The voltage of motor shouldn’t exceed 5% of rated value. The electromotor cannot be used in exceeding its continuous electric connection rate and maximum number of starting up.
  • Don’t connect the braking reversely; when wanting to realize humping placement, don’t manually open the power-controlled brake controller.
  • When the winch is in the state of working, operators cannot be off the operating position.
  • Maximum load, withstood by datumlayerand steel wire rope in various layers within datum layer, is the rated load. Maximum load, withstood by steel wire rope in various levels outside the benchmark level, is less than rated load. For added one layer, the pull force will relatively reduce 10% of rated pull force.
  • The steel wire rope should be neat and tidy. When overlapping or oblique winding is found, stop the machine to cope with it. When in revolving, pulling or treading on steel wire rope by hand or feet are strictly prohibited.
  • During operation, operators should focus all their attentions on working and strictly follow the rules for operation.
When To Change New Wire Rope?
  • Surface layer wire diameter of steel wire rope was worn down and erosion rate is up to 40% of its original diameter.
  • Diameter of steel wire rope has reduced 7%.
  • Stranded or broken wire is discovered.
  • The core cord of the entire steel wire rope has been squeezed out.
  • For any things not detailed, inspect and discard as useless according to stipulations of GB/T 5972.
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