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Winch Selecrtion Tips

Bucket elevator / vertical elevator choice Right here in this post, Winch Factory will introduce you some tips to select a  cost-effective winch fit for your business. There are many types of hoist winches, such as a vertical hoist, bucket elevator, material hoist, chain hoist, etc., which are widely used in the industrial sector. However, they also …

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Capstan Winch Models

Common types of winch in coal mine Right here in this  winch factory blog post, we provide you some capstan winch models for your reference. You can select your perfect ideal winch and capstan models.The main types of winches commonly used in coal mines are; Hoisting winch for lifting coal, gangue, and other materials or …

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Mine winch model

Right here in this post, Winch Factory provides you types of winches for mine application just for your reference. They are drilling winch: AQ-JZ-5 drilling winch, AQ-JZ-10 drilling winch, AQ-JZ-16 drill winch, AQ-JZ-25 drill winch, AQ-JZ40 drilling winch; dispatching winch: AQ-JD-0.5 (AQ-JD-3) dispatching winch, AQ-JD-1 (AQ-JD-11.4) dispatching winch, AQ-JD-1.6 (JD-25) dispatching winch, AQ-JD-2.5 (AQ-JD-40) dispatching …

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Drilling Winch Structure Design

The function and structure composition of the drilling winch from Winch factory.The drilling winch is not only a kind of lifting system but also is the core part of the whole drill. It is one of the three major working machines of the rig. What does the drilling winch is used for? The function and …

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Winch Classification

Classification and Characteristics of Hydraulic Winch Right here in this post, Winch Factory would introduce some types of hydraulic winches for your winch purchasing selection facility. Hydraulic winch manufactured by features factor price, high performance, ii you are not quite sure what types of hydraulic windlasses are suitable for your business, please read the following …

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Windlass for Sale

Windlass is widely applied in mega projects for hoisting steel structures, cables, and wire ropes, featuring in smooth speed, higher safety performance. This type of slow speed winch for sale configures with gear reducer system, thus can be well performed in many working conditions where have strict requirements on the winch speeds, such as the …

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Excellent Winches’ Catalogue

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