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winch installation measures

AQ-JD-40-type winch fixed position in the first row of pedestrians to avoid the chamber at the mouth, in the chamber at the construction platform, winch using cement base fixed anchor, ground anchor specifications for the φ20 × 2000mm high-strength anchor rod, anchor exposed no more than 150mm. Lifting wire rope selection 6T × 19 + FC 18.5mm wear-resistant steel wire rope, the east to avoid the chamber for the placement of winch switch, signal protection, and other equipment.

Single Drum Piling Winch for Sale
Single Drum Piling Winch for Sale

The basis of the construction of the winch to build a base fixed winch, the foundation with concrete watering, foundation pit 1500mm × 1500mm, watering depth of not less than 1500mm, concrete to solidify 72 hours, winch with 8 anchor bolts fastening, bolt exposed The length should be able to meet the requirements of the gasket and double nut fastening.

 Winch Installation Steps

20T hydraulic towing winch for sale
20T hydraulic towing winch for sale
  1.  In the winch pre-shift position to install a dedicated lifting bolt (loading and unloading winch use). Lifting anchor using 3 volumes of resin anchoring agent, anchoring force of not less than 9T. Anchorage depth of not less than 1.5m. Use 5 tons of chain hoists to lift, prohibit the use of roof bolt lifting. When lifting the arrangements for a unified command, under the weight and below the ramp is strictly prohibited.
  2.  To mention the winch, to more people to cooperate, to prevent the occurrence of touching the phenomenon of the winches will be relocated on the basis of a winch. Winch at the end of the four holes to ask the anchor and the ground to the good.
  3.  Good anchor screw and install the winch rooting rope, root rope to use a diameter of 15.5mm above the wire rope, the joints with no less than 4 rope card card, with no less than two anchor fixed, anchor Rod effective depth of not less than 1.8m, rooting rope is strictly fixed on the shed or other places, winches installed after the operation, to ensure that the winch does not run, not hanging oblique.

The above winch installation tips are just for your reference, any problems or questions about winch installation services, welcome contact us.