Winch Operation Noise Reduction Methods

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Causes and control methods of hoist noise

Construction hoist GB1955-2002 national standard GB 1955-2002 qualified winch noise limits outside the machine are not greater than 85dB (A), the operator cannot be greater than the ear 88dB (A). When the hoist traction is small, the speed is low, the noise is far below the standard limits, the control is also easy; but when the traction speed is high, to ensure that the traction is not excessive noise, from the design, technology, materials, quality Inspection and other links to take effective measures.


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AQ-JM Hydraulic Windlasses for Sale

Existing  problems

There are many ways to get the noise of hoist, but in essence, it is the result of impact and vibration, which is usually caused by the poor gear meshing quality and unstable motion.


We believe that the chassis design and manufacture are caused by noise may be: the chassis adopts box type structure, not all welds are continuous welding, the weld length, different chassis height, there exist great individual differences in chassis rigidity, others resonate effect, machines such as a little vibration noise is amplified; the chassis is made of steel plate welding, do not have the shock absorption, noise elimination function, if close to the natural frequency and the meshing frequency may cause the individual machine for small gear vibration caused greater total shock caused by noise value rise.
we in view of the above possibilities are tested, but by three experiments showed weak correlation factors of noise level and chassis structure, stiffness, frequency, noise and moving parts strongly correlated, so the chassis structural design, manufacturing quality and not exceed the standard noise causes.

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Single Drum Piling Winch for Sale

Bearing clearance

It is believed that since the noise is accompanied by a drum assembly and a transmission, it may be caused by the large clearance of the roller bearing. We choose the clearance of the reel parts to ensure that the clearance between the bearing hole and the spindle is in accordance with the requirements of the drawing, and the test is carried out after the assembly is assembled. Frequency conversion motor is used in the test to observe the influence of speed on noise.
A large number of test results show that the influence of speed on noise is the first. The higher the speed of the drum, the greater the noise and the more intense the machine vibration. Secondly, the larger the gap between spindle and bushing, the greater the noise. The chassis has the least influence on noise. If the machine noise is very low, the speed and the size of the spindle gap will not generate excessive noise, which indicates that the excessive noise is not caused by the large bearing clearance.

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Gear quality

After the inspection of gear common normal length tolerances, the base tangent length of radial gear tolerance, runout, drum related coaxially and the spindle shaft neck beating control indicators are within the scope of the standard specification, but on further examination found to exceed the standard gear tooth profile error, the reason is hob grinding. Because it is a large modulus cutter, cut and processed materials, roll cutting resistance of cutting-edge, easy blunt, with a number of parts processing midway may need one or two knives grinding, such as grinding rake hob tooth profile control is not good, easy to deformation, while the processing is no longer the standard involute tooth profile and the instantaneous acceleration produces motion, motion instability will inevitably generate vibration and noise.
winch as a general precision products, in the implementation of new standards for gear accuracy did not paid much attention to the inspection of tooth profile error, many units which are not indicators of detection equipment, so even if the drawings made this request in the actual test operation is not very good, although the length of normal line, change tolerance and ring gear jump targets to meet the requirements, but the gear is still unqualified.

Winch Maintenance Center

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Hoist, winch common causes of failure and repair (highlights)

Hoisting winch machine, winch common causes of failure and repair (highlights) repair of the cause of the malfunction, the brake two, reducer three, spindle device four, hydraulic station other


Malfunction The reason Repairement
Braking device
1. Brake is not released (no release) No oil pressure or insufficient oil pressure

Brake seal damaged

1. Check the hydraulic station

2. Replace the seal

2. Brake loosen and working slowly 1. Hydraulic system with air

2. Valve is not in normal position, or oil is polluted

3. Brake shoe clearance is too large

4. Oil is too thin, or oil spill too much

5. The seal is damaged

1. In the braking state, deflate at the highest point

2. Inspect and clean valve and system

3. Redial the gap

4. Change the oil, check and repair the hydraulic system

5. Replace the seal

3. The brake can not work 1. Hydraulic station and piping have problems

2. The brake is damaged and the liner with the cylinder stuck in the cylinder

1. Check and repair the hydraulic station

2. Check and repair the brake

4. Braking time or brake taxiing distance is too long, the braking force is small 1. The load is too high or the speed is too high

2. Brake shoe clearance is too big

3. There is paint or the like on the brake disc and shoe

4. All brakes do not move

5. Spring group defective

6. Seal wear

1. Check if it is overloaded and the speed is too high

2. Adjust the gap

3. With polyethylene brake disc, replace the sticky oil brake shoe

4. Check the hydraulic station

5. Replace the spring

6. Replace seal and inspect all sealing surfaces

5. Brake shoes uneven wear 1. Brake calibration is not uniform

2. The brake disc deflection is too big, string or spindle tilt larger

1. Check the installation technical requirements

2. Heavy car brake disc, check the spindle tilt angle adjustment and bearing

6. Brake shoes accidental wear 1. Increase the use of brakes

2. Brake shoe clearance is too small

3. The brake cannot be released evenly

1. Check the electrical brake, the speed limiter work, driver operation is correct, check the load speed and braking frequency is correct.

2. Adjust the brake shoe clearance

3. Check the hydraulic pressure and piping

7.The hydraulic station is not working properly 1. Oil is not clean

Long-term operation

1. Clean the solenoid valve and change the hydraulic oil

2. Strengthen the heat

Malfunction The reason Prepayment
 8. The bearing is wearing hot. 1. Uneven bearing clearance or damage

2. The oil is not enough or unclean

1. Adjust the gap, or replace

2. Come on or change oil

9. Reducer noise or vibration 1. Bearing clearance is too large

2. Gear wear is too large, poor lubrication

3. Overload, speeding operation

4. Reducer bolt loose

5. The reducer into foreign objects, damaged tooth surface, tooth shape

1. Adjust bearing clearance

2. Replace the gear, in accordance with the requirements of the replacement of suitable lubricants

3. Winch as required

4. Check and tighten the bolts in all parts

5. Clear foreign objects, file repair was deformed teeth

10. Reducer leakage 1.Too much fuel

2. Union bolt, fastening bolt is not compressed

3. The seal is damaged

1. The oil level does not exceed the middle gear 1-2 tooth height

2. Check the fastening

3. Replace the seal

Winch Baring Device
11. The drum gives an abnormal sound 1. Coupling appears loose or broken, resulting in relative vibration

2. Weld cracking, deformation

3 roller lining wood damaged

4. Local stress is too large, the connector loose or broken

1. Tighten, repair or replace

2. Welding repair, reduce the load or reinforcement on the drum

3. Replacement roller lining wood

4. Reinforced inside the drum reinforcement

Other Problems

12. Hoist noise 1. Concentricity cannot meet the requirements

2. Hoist overload, speeding operation

3. Poor lubrication

1. Check the adjustment

2. Reduce the amount of lifting, according to the rules of operation

3. To enhance lubrication

13. Lifting powerless, motor fever, current exceeds the rated current 1. Operating voltage is too low

2. Hoist overload operation

3. Motor cooling is bad

4 three-phase current imbalance

1. Increase the diameter, shorten the hoist and transformer distance

2. Reduce the amount of lift or reduce hoist speed

3. Strengthen the heat

4. Check processing

14. Wire rope arrangement is not normal 1. Elevator installation skew (day wheel and roller centerline deflection)

2. The spindle is not horizontal

3. Winding rope too much

4. Hoist distance from the wellbore too close

1. Adjust

2. Adjust the spindle level

3 according to coal mine safety regulations require winding wire rope

4. Reduce the winding width

15. Hoist vibration 1. The axis of the coupling between components is not concentric

2. Anchor bolt is not fixed

1.Check the adjustment

2.Check the fixed

Brake common faults and repairs

Symptoms Possible Causes Repair Method
1.Brake can not be released 1.1 There is no brake oil pressure or insufficient brake oil pressure

1.2 brake seal damaged

Check the hydraulic station

Change the seal

2. Slow brake or brake 2.1 Hydraulic system with air

2.2 hydraulic system spool blocked

2.3 brake shoe clearance is too large

2.4 hydraulic oil viscosity does not meet the requirements, or leak too much

2.5 seal damage

Exhaust the air inside the brake

Check and clean the valve and system

Re-adjust the brake shoe clearance

Change hydraulic oil, check and repair hydraulic system

Change the seal

3. Brake can not brake 3.1 Hydraulic station and oil system is faulty

3.2 Brake damage, the liner with the cylinder card

Repair hydraulic station

Check and repair brake

4. Braking force is too small, braking time is too long 4.1 hoist overload or speeding operation

4.2 brake shoe clearance is too large

4.3 brake disc with oil or other debris

4.4 All brakes cannot move

4.5 Faulty spring group

4.6 ring damage

Check if the load and speed are within the allowable range of the hoist

Adjust the brake shoe clearance

Clean the brake disc or replace the brake shoe with polyethylene solution

Check the hydraulic station

Replace the spring group

Check or replace the seal

5. Brake shoes uneven wear 5.1 Brake calibration is not uniform

5.2 The brake disc deflection is too large or the spindle axial strokes larger, or the spindle inclination is too large

Check whether the installation meets the technical requirements

Turning the brake disc, check the spindle inclination and bearing clearance adjustment

6. Brake shoes accidental wear 6.1 Brake abnormal use

6.2 Brake shoe clearance is too small

6.3 Brake operation is not synchronized

Check the dynamic braking, speed limiter function is correct, whether the provisions of the operation;

Adjust brake shoe clearance.

Check hydraulic pressure and piping.

Hydraulic Station Common Faults and Handling

Order Symptoms Cause of Issue Method of exclusion
1 After the pump is started, the proportional relief valve return pipe is not back to the oil Motor is not turning Change the motor steering
2 When the oil pressure increases, there is a lot of bubbles on the oil surface, meanwhile there is more noise and pressure is not stable Suction port leakage, or suction port oil filter is blocked, increased oil absorption caused by air inhalation Check and handle the suction port seal; clean the suction port oil filter
3 Pump heat, noise, disassembled inspection with oil pan abrasions The gap between the oil pan and the rotor is too small Remove the oil pan and the rotor, the abrasion surface with a flat grinder flattened, with a shim assembly to adjust the gap between the oil pan and the rotor
4 Mainline pressure cannot be adjusted, or suddenly dropped to zero during normal operation Proportional relief valve plugged Clean and clear the proportional relief valve
5 There is a large amount of oil leakage between the valve and the oil collecting block, and the oil pressure drops, so it can not be released Fix valve screw loose Tighten the screw
6 The hydraulic pressure is normal, but the brake cannot be released or only part of it is released Electromagnets G3, G4, G5 required voltage is too low, or the voltage is too high to burn the coil Check the electrical circuit and electromagnet if the coil burns newer
7 After the emergency brake, no pressure or pressure on the main oil line cannot reach the normal value Proportional relief valve spool is stuck, or the pilot valve orifice is blocked, or hydraulic valve spool is core die Clean overflow valve, valve spool movement required to clear the control hole, cleaning hydraulic valve to move the spool required flexible
8 Accumulator hydraulic unable to hold The relief valve spool on the oil collecting block is stuck or the orifice of the relief valve control port to the pilot valve is blocked Clean overflow valve, spool movement required to clear the control hole
9 Accumulator pressure is the same as mainline pressure and not adjustable Pressure relief valve spool is stuck, or the relief valve orifice is blocked Clean the pressure relief valve and unblock the orifice


Winch Working Conditions

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Working conditions of AQ-JYB transportation winch

Right here in this post, Winch Factory provides you transportation winch working conditions for your safety winch operation reference. The non-flameproof winch is not applied to the inflammable and explosive gas such as gas and coal dust environment. During the work of a flameproof winch, the coal dust in the surrounding air and the explosive gas of methane should not exceed the concentration specified in the coal mine safety regulations.When the altitude exceeds 1000m, air cooling and dielectric strength should be taken into consideration. The electrical equipment should be designed or used according to the agreement between manufacturers and users.

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Hydraulic Drilling Winch for Sale

Transportation winch operational environment

The winch should be installed at the air temperature of 0 ~ 40 C, and the relative humidity is no more than 85% (the ambient temperature is 20 C + + 5 C). In the engine room with an altitude of no more than 1000m, the liquid should be immersed in the electrical apparatus, without severe vibration, bumpy and corrosive gas.

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Wharf Piling Winch for Sale

Key points for attention of AQ-JYB transportation winch

  • The motor and electrical equipment of the winch must have a safety standard in the period of validity.
  • The winch is strictly prohibited for lifting heavy objects or carrying human transport.
  • When the motor is opened, it is strictly prohibited to break the clutch and the brake equipment to prevent the motor from burning and the internal damage or other accidents in the main engine.
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15T hydraulic towing winch for sale

If you want to get more detailed information about the transportation winch working performance in specifications, capacities, prices apart from its working condition, please be free to contact us.

Endless Rope Winch Safety Operation

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Safety technical measures for the operation of endless rope winch

Endless rope winch is a kind of heavy duty winch for mines. Thus, the safety operation of the rope winch is very important for winch operators and other stuff working in the mine.

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Electric Rope Winch for sale

Basic requirements

  • The winch driver must be trained and certificated after obtaining the certificate of examination.
  • The winch driver of endless rope continuous traction winch must be familiar with the relevant provisions of the equipment’s structure, performance, principle, main technical parameters, intact standards and so on. It should be checked generally and handled regularly.
  • The driver of a continuous winch for an endless rope must be familiar with the basic conditions of the roadway, such as the turnout, the length of the roadway, the number of the tractor, and so on.
  • The operator must have relevant mechanical and electrical maintenance work, supervise management and maintenance of equipment according to the provisions.
  • In strict accordance with the safety production information center to receive communication interphone, after the use of the good mouth information station in time to manage and charge.
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China Cheap AQ-JMM Electric Rope Winch for Sale

Pre-use preparation and inspection

  • Checking whether the starter and other electronic control equipment are normal,
  • Checking whether the transmitting and receiving of the communication signal is normal,
  • checking whether there are no objects that affect the operation of the vehicle on the track.
  • Checking whether the connections between the vehicles are reliable,
  • Checking the loading station of the winch
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best manual boat trailer winch for sale

Safety inspection of winch system

Before driving, the winch operator should examine throughout the normal circumstances, such as electrical wiring is correct, the switch has no defect, each connection bolts are tightened, the handbrake is in the brake release position and flexible and reliable, bearing and reducer in the lubricating oil is sufficient, the gear is in place, right, self-lock, in the case of normal check everywhere before the start of motor idling, check in electro-hydraulic brake winch of normal and abnormal sound before adding load.

  • The use of the handbrake must be in power of the motor rear brake during electrical motor is not allowed, so as not to damage the winch and motor parts.
  • Endless rope winch must change gear when it is stopped. It is strictly prohibited to shift gear in operation.
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Hand Winch For Sale

Tensioning device

  • The tensioner should be firmly and stably installed on the cement foundation, and the upper part can be fixed and fastened with the ring chain and the top side to withstand the unexpected lateral force.
  • The direction of the guide wheel at both ends should be consistent with the direction of the wire rope.
  • In operation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the pulley and weight can move up and down freely, and there must be no stagnation.

Shuttle car

  • Two wedges must be checked for a fixed wire rope before each operation and should be fastened immediately if there is a loosening.
  • After the wire rope is taken and placed, the positioning pin should be inserted into the hole of the rope cylinder to prevent the rope from escaping in operation.

Safety precautions for winch use

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china hand winch for sale

  • Pedestrians (except with the driver) are prohibited when the vehicle runs, with a sound and light warning, a warning network at both ends, and a strictly prohibited person from entering.The winch is not allowed to carry the personnel, and the hooked head is strictly prohibited.
  • The point of the endless rope winch is: a little parking, two positive running points, three reverse operations, and the winch is strictly prohibited.
  • The endless rope winch is only allowed to hang the vehicle after the shuttle bus, and the vehicle is strictly prohibited in front and rear of the shuttle car.The number of strung vehicles depends on the traction capacity of the winch, and no more than 3 vehicles are not allowed to Trailer each time.When transporting overweight, super high, super long equipment and large pieces, only one must be pulled at one time.With three ring chain, connected with the shuttle car insurance pin must all transport objects of the vehicle, the other end with a shackle, rope and wire rope clips are firmly connected with.
  • The car driver should always pay attention to the normal track in front of the vehicle in the course of the vehicle, and there is no matter that affects the running of the vehicle on the track.The signal transmitter should be carried with you.

   Operation procedures and precautions in the process of starting and running:

split drum winch for sale
split drum winch for sale

After determining the driving condition with the driver, send the driving signal again, and send the signal no less than 2 times. After the winch driver receives the second signal, it starts the car again.The driver and the winch driver must memorize the use of the signal.In the course of operation, the driver should pay attention to the normal operation of the vehicle, and the winch driver should pay attention to the normal work of the endless rope winch and the Zhang Jin device.

  • When the windless winch is running, the driver should be equipped with two divulging mobile phones, a normal user and a spare.
  • No pole rope winch in operation, shuttle car in the upper, downhill yard, 30m in front of the tensioner, 30m in the vicinity of the tail wheel, and the tunnel turn.
  • The operator should regularly check the tightness of the wire rope and keep enough tension of the wire rope. If we need to tighten the rope, fix the wire rope and a rope head, and tighten the wire rope with 5 tons of gourd, we must tighten the wire rope on the shuttle car when the required tightening force is reached.
  • The brake device of the endless rope winch should be checked regularly to ensure its sensitivity, safety, and reliability, otherwise, it should be handled in time.
  • When the heavy vehicle falls off the road, the winch brake lock should be combined and stable first, and the road vehicle will be restricted reliably, and then the road vehicle is processed according to the regulations.
  • When the shuttle vehicle is reset, it is necessary to use the gourd to pull the same direction of the shuttle bus to prevent the retracting of the wire rope when the vehicle is on the road.
  • In order to prevent the vehicle in the middle of endless rope off the road, when necessary, in the special area to avoid wind chamber setting signal, operation condition and arrange personnel to monitor vehicles, find the problem promptly issued a stop signal.
  • Regularly inspect the wear condition of steel wire rope and find out the problem is dealt with or replaced in time. The wire rope head must be inserted. The length of inserting wire rope is not less than 1000 times of the diameter of wire rope.


Heavy Duty Winch Operation Rules

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Sixteen tons of binoculars steady operation rules

Right here in this post, Winch Factory provides you our professional winch operation experience on the heavy duty 16t winch operation rules.

Before driving, the operator should be proficient in operating the vehicle steadily and check the mechanical parts of the vehicle in steady condition and find out that the problems can be handled well in time.

In the steady operation of the vehicle, the operator is prohibited from leaving the car, prohibit talking to other people.

After the operation, the driver left, the operating handle should be required to return to the stop position.And check all the automatic devices are in place, confirm the correct before leaving.Otherwise, do not leave the car steady.

heavy duty boat trailer winch for sale
heavy duty boat trailer winch for sale

Method of operation

  • Close the switch and turn on the power.
  • Press the electric hydraulic actuator, release the safety brake, the main motor is ready to start, prohibit the electric hydraulic actuator before starting the motor.
  • Work brake lever handles to release the work break.
  • Operate the master controller and start the motor.
AQ-JM 20 ton Electric Heavy Duty Winch for Sale
AQ-JM 20 ton Electric Heavy Duty Winch for Sale

Ascending, the master controller will be moved to the first gear in the lifting direction. After the motor is started, the controller will continue to be moved to gradually accelerate the steady speed to normal speed. When it is stopped, the electric hydraulic pusher is opened and closed so that the safety valve is tightly clamped, While tightening work gate, pull off the switch power switch.

heavy duty split drum winch for sale
heavy duty split drum winch for sale
  • Normal upgrade, the differential gearbox hand wheel in the straight position, to tune the rope, the differential gearbox hand wheel moved to the differential position, will not move the drum with a safety gate.The safety lock for the other cylinder is on and the cylinder is operating at twice the normal speed.
  • Prohibited in the differential gearbox hand wheel is in the direct position, and brake a drum drive.
  • Regular observation of the foundation and the situation of the ground screw, the problems reported promptly reported.
  • Prevent shackle leakage damage to electrical, steel wire rope regularly to prevent corrosion.

Any services or wanna to buy our winch products, please be free to contact us.

Winch Operation Rules

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Right here in this post,Winch Factory will share some safety operation rules of a winch with winch operators which include the following items:

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AQ-JKl Pilling Winch For Sale
  • Operation
  • Winch Closing Work
  • Winch Operator Shift System
  • Inclined Lane Transportation Management System
  • Post Responsibility System for Car Drivers

Operation Rules for Drawworks/Winches Drivers

AQ-JM Hydraulic Windlasses for Sale
AQ-JM Hydraulic Windlasses for Sale
  • The winch driver must be trained and certificated after obtaining the certificate of examination. The winch driver should strictly comply with the operating procedures and the relevant provisions of coal mine safety regulations.
  • When operating the winch machine, the operator should be centered on its work duty and not permitted to drink, and wear clothes met safety requirement.

Preparations Should Make before Winch Operation

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AQ-JTP 100 Tons Winch for Sale
  • The driver should be familiar with all kinds of signals, the operation must be strictly according to the signal execution, the signal is not clear, not allowed to start winch.
  • When starting, it must be lifted slowly. After moving for a distance, the hoisting speed should be normal according to the rated running speed.
  • When lifting winch driver cannot leave the handle and the brake handbrake, also concentrates, observe, operating conditions, such as the current sound winch, winch rope is running or beating abnormally found abnormal immediately stop the winch operation, someone to view or process, can work normally.When lifting winch driver cannot leave the handle and the brake handbrake, also concentrates, observe, operating conditions, such as the current sound winch, winch rope is running or beating abnormally found abnormal immediately stop the winch operation, someone to view or process, can work normally.
  • In the process of lowering, must leave
    Dual Drum Piling Winch for Sale
    Dual Drum Piling Winch for Sale

    work, prohibit setting off the car.

  • The speed must be slowed down when the yard is expected to enter.
  • No overload operation, mine inclined shaft hoisting jump Road, ban rerailing winch traction.
  • It is strictly prohibited to adjust the brake at the same time, prohibited the operation handle and brake hand brake and brake.

Rules Should Follow During Winch Operation

15T hydraulic towing winch for sale
15T hydraulic towing winch for sale
  • The wire rope is checked according to the test point every 30 meters.
  • Winch Closing Work
  • When lifting winch driver cannot leave the handle and the brake handbrake, also concentrates, observe, operating conditions, such as the current sound winch, winch rope is running or beating abnormally found abnormal immediately stop the winch operation, someone to view or process, can work normally.
  • The wire rope must be replaced if it is damaged by a section of the tensile force or its length is increased by more than 0.5%.
  • The number of broken wires or elongation at the end of the rope is suddenly accelerated (for example, a significant elongation for three consecutive days or a broken wire occurs in a certain twist pitch every day, it must be replaced immediately).
  • The wire rope must be replaced because of the above signs, such as the rope head and the other parts of the wire rope failed to meet the requirements of daily inspection, it is allowed to use the method of cutting rope head.

Winch Operator Shift System

Split winch drum for fishing boats
Split winch drum for fishing boats
  • The two sides of the transfer must be handed over on the job site according to the prescribed time.
  • The shift must be on duty and to make clear the successor, who can handle the problem by the shift, not handle, to timely reporting, and record.
  • The equipment, materials, tools, equipment, spare parts and accessories should be handed over clearly.
  • The two parties should conduct a round trip inspection according to the normal inspection route and project, find out the problem, fill in the shift record in time and report to the leader in order to get the treatment as soon as possible.
  • Both sides should operate winch once to two times, experience winch operation, confirm the error, before the formal handover.
  • If the successor considers that some important security issues have not been clearly explained, he can refuse to take over, but he must timely report the decision of the captain on duty, and the successor shall not refuse to take over the case without cause.
  • Do not give any handover certificate or drunk, the spirit is not normal, nonduty winch operators didn’t explain the succession.
  • Unable to take over the succession, the shift cannot leave positions, should be reported to the leadership, and agreed to deal with, can leave work.
  • The two sides believe that after the handover is clear, should be completed in the handover record, the two sides signed valid.

Inclined Lane Transportation Management System

Hydraulic double drum mooring winch
Hydraulic double drum mooring winch
  • No road car-pedestrian winch and oblique lane transport hook are prohibited.
  • The hook workers should strictly implement the operation rules of the hook, strictly forbid to pull, push and jump.
  • Oblique lane transport must install and use the retarder and barrier, must set up and use the signal swing yard.
  • The inclined lane must be checked by rail transit every day, and the problems should be dealt with in time.
  • The hoisting device for inclined roadway transportation must be equipped with the following safety devices and meet the technical requirements:
  • The wire rope for hoisting and hoisting in inclined roadways must meet the following requirements:
  • Before the new rope is used, each wire rope must be tested for breaking, bending and torsion, and the unqualified steel rope is forbidden to use.
  • The steel rope in use is tested every 6 months since its use, and its safety factor shall not be less than 7.
  • The use of wire rope wear, broken wire, and other circumstances, must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the coal mine safety regulations.
  • The car parked in the car, prohibit the winch on the road car off the road on the winch handle on the road picking head is prohibited from.
  • The connecting device of the up and down guide rope and the fixed pillar used by the winch must be firm and reliable, and the personnel must inspect the guide rope wheel, the fixed support, and the steel wire rope before the winch is used, and the problems should be dealt with seriously, otherwise, the operation is not allowed.
  • Use the winch on the mountain, must be in the car with a car arrester, and flexible work, get off the field must have to escape the cave, the acousto-optic signal range, sensitivity.

Safety Operation Procedure for  Windlasses with Hook

AQ-JM Winch with Variable Speed Controller 15 Tons Wholesale
AQ-JM Winch with Variable Speed Controller 15 Tons Wholesale
  • The hook worker is qualified by the training examination, and the hook is forbidden using without any license.
  • Before the operating, please check signal, switch, lighting, parking hook and 15 meters of wire rope whether they are in a normal state.
  • When the trailer is concerned, pay attention to check whether the connection device of the mine car’s seat is good and whether the vehicles are connected reliably.
  • Check the materials, equipment, timber car binding is strong, long and wide and high compliance between two adjacent vehicle distance must be maintained between 250 – 400mm, if not beyond the scope of the trailer.
  • It is prohibited to use other goods instead of a three-ring chain and connecting rod, and the rope sleeve connected with steel wire sleeve must be carried out according to the relevant regulations, otherwise, it is not allowed to use.
  • The chain should stand on the side of the car, not the head or other parts of the body into the empty car, are not allowed to hang “flying chain”.
  • Trailers and cranes must be in accordance with the specified quantity.
  • To start the slow signal, when the vehicle into the Lane Lane trunk, you can send a quick signal, the hook is not allowed to pedal car.
  • The safety facilities on the winch lane should be kept in good condition and reliable and should be used normally.
  • Transporting Explosives and detonators is strictly prohibited.
  • The faulty tramcar must be discontinued.
  • To hook the chain, must stand in the place of safety operation, prevent the car knocked down or steel bullet wound personnel accident.
  • The RBI signal must be clear and accurate, and the road drop must be connected to the winch driver.
  • When the work is finished, the hook head should be removed from the mine car and placed in the middle of the track, and it is not allowed to be placed on the track surface.

Post Responsibility System of Winch Driver

Drum Anchor Winch for Sale
Drum Anchor Winch for Sale
  • Winch driver must hold “post qualification certificate” and “special operation personnel qualification certificate” to be able to post, otherwise, no operation winch.
  • Stick to their posts, shall not be absent from duty to the unit responsible for the safety of equipment and ensure the safe operation of the mine hoist.
  • Adhere to the principle of the coal mine production safety, establish the idea of “safety first, focus on careful operation in the winch operation, not to talk with others, slapstick, the operation should not handle, is strictly prohibited in the equipment stops when you replace the winch driver.
  • Personnel should be familiar with their own business, study technology, do “three know four”: know the structure of the equipment principle, know the technical performance, know the role of safety devices; will operate, maintenance, maintenance, will eliminate some common faults.
  • The winch driver must see and hear the signal before it can start or stop the winch. For the abnormal signal or fault found in the winch operation, it must stop immediately, find out the reason, and then continue driving after troubleshooting.
  • With the maintenance of maintenance, maintenance should be carried out during the operation system, adhere to one person operation, one person custody, and maintenance after the commissioning and acceptance.When the winch emergency stop, must be accurate and detailed to the electromechanical staff report, the reason is not identified, without permission, no return to power drive.
  • Strict implementation of “pedestrians do not drive, not driving” regulations.
  • Fill in “five records” carefully: shift record, tour record, safety device test record, personnel entry and exit record, operation log.Be responsible for ventilation, cooling and fire prevention of computer room and equipment, and maintain equipment and environmental sanitation.Be responsible for ventilation, cooling and fire prevention of computer room and equipment, and maintain equipment and environmental sanitation.

The above information of the safety operation rules for winch drivers just for your winch operators reference, any detailed information welcome to contact us freely.

12t Waterfall Winch Successfully Installs on Philippines

single drum light duty manual boat trailer windlass for sale

On May 2, 2017, Excellent waterfall winch is successfully installed on our Philippines’ customers boats. The client has his own business in the marine industry. He sends us quotes for winch used for boats on early days of April. At the beginning, the winch factory did not make clear what types of the winch he needs. Through our winch’s Engineer’s communication with our clients, we know that this client just starts his own business, he did not know quite much about specific parameters of the winch he needs.

Waterfall Winch
Waterfall Winch

In view of this circumstance, we ask more information about the boat’s condition of our clients. Through great efforts our winch experts have made, we finally knew that this client needs a waterfall winch. And according to his boat’s working condition, we recommended him selecting a heavy duty 12t winch, which would perform better to promote his working performance.

 Winch Installating on Philippines
Winch Installating on Philippines

The waterfall winch is a kind of heavy duty hydraulic winch widely used on boats. In our company we can serve you this kind of winch with different configurations and capacities. Whether you have a small boat or a marine ship, we can both meet your demands. If you need winches with customized tons, please tell us more specific information about the working conditions of the winch. Then we will tailor an ideal winch for you.

Winch Installating on Philippines
Winch Installating on Philippines

AIMIX GROUP CO.,LTD which is subsidiary located in China biggest machinery manufacturer base Henan, is a large professional industry and trade integration enterprise on Cranes, Winches, and Hoists. Only 3 years, we exported for more than 30 countries, our products win good reputation in the world. The management team is by the senior managers of Alibaba and senior experts in crane and winch industry.