AQ-JM80t cheap electric winch  for vietnam client

Winch Operators Must Know

Wireless rope winch driver must know

A driver must be mentally focused and conduct a full inspection before driving

1 Whether the brake is flexible and reliable, and the wear of the brake belt is less than 3mm;
2 whether all kinds of bolts are fully tightened;
3 Whether the sealing device is intact and the amount of lubricant is qualified;
4 Whether the electrical equipment is in a state of explosion or not, the power cables should be neatly arranged, no chicken paws, no sheep tails, no connectors;
5 whether the signal device is unblocked;
6 If the problems found cannot be resolved, they should report immediately.

runs and parking

1 After hearing the driver confirms that he has given a driving signal, he will start driving;
2 After hearing the stop signal, stop the vehicle and press the stop button;
3 It is forbidden to bring the vehicle and pull the track with Promise;
4 Prohibit reversing;
5 When the winch is in motion, pedestrians are strictly prohibited. If a pedestrian is in urgent need of a ride, the winch must be stopped. After the person passes, the hookman can reissue the signal before driving.

Three endless rope winch models and technical parameters

Model Number: JWB-8/1.27
J—Winders, W—The endless rope winch, B—Explosion-proof type, 8—The maximum static tensile force of the steel wire rope is 80kn, 1.27—The wire rope speed is 0.5~1.27m/s, and the power is 55kw.

The Hoist Winch Driver must know

How to configure the hoist winch?
Answer: You must be accompanied by a deputy driver. There must be no less than 2 people in each class. The driver is not allowed to work in the top position.

Requirements for hoist drivers?

Answer: The driver must master the relevant provisions of the “Coal Mine Safety Operation Regulations” and the rules and regulations of the winch house. After obtaining the certificate, the driver shall hold the certificate.

How to divide the responsibilities of hoist drivers?

Answer: The driver of the operating machine must concentrate his energy and his hands should not leave the handle. The deputy driver must do a good job of guardianship.

How to specify the lifting signal?
Answer: Drivers should keep in mind the various signal requirements (one stop, two up, three down, four slow, five up, slow down). The driver is not allowed to drive the car on special signals.

How to operate?
A: The driver should concentrate on thinking, one person operation, one person monitoring, always pay attention to whether the reading of the meter hand (current and voltage oil pressure) is normal, and pay attention to the parking position recorded on the depth indicator and roller. After the motor is started, the winch speed reaches a certain level. When the rated value is reached, the working brake handle will be pushed to the head and the force shall not be used too hard. After the vehicle is parked, the controller must be placed in the power off position and the brake must be braked.

How to specify the hoisting speed?

A: When starting and stopping, the acceleration and deceleration must not exceed 0.5m/s. The maximum speed of the hoist during operation must not exceed 3.8 m/s.

What are the rules for raising the temperature of the motor and its rotating parts?
A: Pay attention to whether the various bearing bushes are short of oil and ensure that the temperature of the main bearing tile does not exceed 50°C, the bearing bushing does not exceed 55°C, and the motor temperature does not exceed 60°C.

When the hoist is running, can the driver adjust the working brake?
Answer: When the hoist is in operation, the brakes are not allowed to be adjusted. The adjustment must be approved by the competent authority.

Cases of what should happen, the brake should be applied for parking inspection?

1 Wire rope twists on the drum

2.Voltage transmission exceeds ±10%

3. The current exceeds the allowable range
4 abnormal sound of hoist running parts
5. Unexpected signal found
6. The deceleration point does not decelerate normally

What should happen when emergency braking is stopped?

1 The current exceeds the allowable range
2 Received an emergency stop signal
3 Lost protection at constant speed
4 The occurrence of a rolling accident