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Winch Selecrtion Tips

Bucket elevator / vertical elevator choice

Right here in this post, Winch Factory will introduce you some tips to select a  cost-effective winch fit for your business. There are many types of hoist winches, such as a vertical hoist, bucket elevator, material hoist, chain hoist, etc., which are widely used in the industrial sector.

20 ton winch for sale
20-ton winch for sale

However, they also vary their hoist models depending on the material they are lifting. As a professional elevator manufacturer, we find that many users have a lot of unclear places when they start the selection. For example, whether it is suitable for a vertical elevator or bucket elevator, we can not understand very clearly. The following mining from the manufacturer’s point of view to introduce you to you again:

 electric hoist winch for sale
electric hoist winch for sale

Bucket elevator tape for ordinary wire rope and heat-resistant steel wire rope tape, ordinary wire rope tape for 80 ℃ below the material, heat-resistant steel wire rope tape for 120 ℃ below the material, the user should indicate when using the elevator, or by the ordinary supplier. Elevators lift height selection, the amount of this machine to upgrade with rice 3 / hour, according to the required amount of instructions to determine the size, check the appropriate type and specifications of the high series table may be.

JKD electric hoist winch for sale
JKD electric hoist winch for sale

Vertical hoist for conveying powder, granular and small pieces of non-abrasive cut and grinding of small materials. Using mixed or gravity discharge, digging loading. Traction pieces with high-quality alloy steel ring. Central chassis sub-single, dual-channel two forms for the constant weight within the machine hammer box tension. Vertical elevator sprocket wheel interchangeable structure. Long service life, rim replacement is easy. Vertical lift the lower part of the use of gravity automatic tensioning device can maintain a constant tension to avoid skidding or stripping, while the hopper encountered accidental factors caused by the phenomenon of the card has a certain tolerance, can effectively protect the lower shaft part.

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