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Winch Structure Design

Working conditions of AQ-JYB transportation winch

The AQ-JYB transport winch is composed of motor, drum device, working brake, safety brake, clutch, depth indicator, base, and shield. The transmission system consists of a motor, motor gear, small internal gear, coupling gear, planetary gear, large internal gear, bearing bracket and base. Using planetary gear drive, the winch has the features of compact structure, good rigidity, high efficiency, convenient installation and movement, stable starting, flexible operation, reliable brake and low noise.

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Hydraulic Drilling Winch for Sale

The use of AQ-JYB transportation winch is increasing, and the information about the AQ-JYB winch is also concerned by the enterprises and drivers.

The following is a brief introduction to the structure of the AQ-JYB winch.

Motor: the power of the winch working.

Drum device: a differential gear train and a fixed axle gear train are used as the transmission mechanism of the winch, and the outer part is used for winding the wire rope.

Work brake: when winch works, it can brake the winch drum without stopping by hand operation.

Safety brake: when winch works, it can brake the winch drum when there is an emergency or failure.

Clutch: through the operation of the hand, it can control the operation and stop of the winch.

Depth indicator: can indicate the location of the drawworks tramcar.

Base: it can fix the motor, reel device, work brake, safety brake, clutch, depth indicator and other components.

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