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Winch Features

The winch is an electric crane with small size, light weight, heavy lifting, flexible operation, safety and reliability, and durability. It is widely used in construction sites such as construction, bridges, metallurgy, mining, ports, and power plants. This machine is widely used in materials lifting and large-scale hoisting projects. It can also be used to drag various materials on slopes or flat grounds.

marine trailer winch for sale
marine trailer winch for sale

The main products are:

JM electronically controlled large-tonnage winch hoist, JM electronically controlled slow hoisting machine, JK electronically controlled high-speed winch, JKL hand-operated fast-sliding winch, 2JKL hand-operated double-quick winch hoist, electronically controlled hand-operated dual-use winch, JT speed control Winches, KDJ miniature winches, etc. can only be used on the ground and can be modified for use on board.

It is powered by an electric motor. It is equipped with an elastic coupling, a three-stage closed gear reducer, and a tooth-coupled coupling to drive the reel. Electromagnetic brakes are used.

The product is high versatility, compact structure, small size, light weight, significant from the point of use, easy to use transfer, is widely used in construction, water conservancy projects, forestry, mining, docks and other materials lift or drag, but also for modern electronic control Automatic line equipment.

JM series gear reducer drive winch. Suitable for construction and installation companies, mining areas, factories and civil engineering and installation work.

A device that is driven by human or mechanical power to drive a reel or take up a rope to complete the traction work.

Slow winch: The winch with a rated speed of 1~12m/min for the wire rope on the reel.

High-speed electric winches: Winches with a rated speed of approximately 60m/min on the drum.

Electric winch: A winch driven by an electric motor that rotates the drum through a drive device.

Variable speed winch: speed control adjustable hoist.

Hand winch: A hoist driven by manpower to turn the drum by means of a drive.

Large-tonnage non-standard winch: mainly used for hoisting, pulling, unloading, pushing, and dragging heavy objects. Such as installation and dismantling of large and medium-sized concrete, steel structures and mechanical equipment.

Its structural characteristics are: wire ropes are arranged in an orderly manner, reliable installation and installation, applicable to piers, bridges, ports and other roads and bridges and large-scale factories and mines to install equipment. It is an external force (such as a motor) to drive him to run, and then through electromagnetic brakes and locks. The brake controls that it is not free to operate without power. At the same time, after being decelerated by the motor, it drives a wheel to run, and a reel or other thing can be coiled on the wheel.

Generally, hoists with more than 30 tons of hoisting capacity are large-tonnage hoists. There are only a few hoisting machines that produce large tonnage in China. The current maximum tonnage is 65 tons. Mainly subdivided into JK (Fast), JM, JMW (Slow), JT (Speed ??Adjustable), JKL, 2JKL Manual Control and other series winches, widely used in industrial and mining, metallurgy, lifting, construction, chemical industry, road and bridge, and hydropower Installation and other lifting industries.